Proper intake of water during the course of the day would enable your body to function at optimum levels. Intake of sufficient amount of water can lead to increase in memory and concentration and would reduce joint pain and even symptoms of allergy and chronic fatigue. It even reduces the chances of suffering from cancer by 80 %. When cells are well hydrated immunity of body cells are enhanced. The moment cells are well hydrated they produce more white blood cells and proteins. Even this helps to combat inflammation and infections.

With the various types of water floating around, it would be really confusing to figure out which type of water to drink. The main point of consideration is to drink water which suits your health. In case if you are at crossroads on the environmental issues of bottled water with the dangerous chemicals of tap water then the reasons are well documented.

Would it be safe to drink tap water?

Pure water seems to be the safest option. Any level of water that is purified by the process of reverse osmosis where the total dissolved solid content is less than 20 ppm would be suited for our bodies.

If the tap water confers to the required standards it is safe to drink. People have an inclination to hard water that is a combination of magnesium and calcium is indeed beneficial to your health devoid of any major side effects.

Would it be safe to drink softened salt water?

The salt based water softeners go on to replace the beneficial calcium and magnesium with salt ions. In case if you are on a low salt diet it is not healthy to opt for such water. In case if the water appears to be salty rely on the use of salt purifying technologies.

Reasons to drink pure water

Water appears to be the foundation of our life and if you are hydrated keeps off a number of ailments and ensures that the body is in perfect condition. Take view of the fact that coffee and tea is not a substitute for drinking water as they are loaded with caffeine working as a diuretic going to dehydrate the body. To drink pure water you can get in touch with aquafresh water purifier toll free number and the reasons to drink pure water are specified below.

Removes dehydration

The main component of brain is water and lack of regular intake of water can pave way for dehydration. This can cause headaches and eventually lead to death if you are dehydrated.

Eradicates back pain

Drinking pure water eradicates the chronic issues of recurring back pain. A lot of us spend considerable amount of hours on the computer and for this lower back pain is a hindrance to productivity as a massive discomfort is expected. Drinking of water is not going to provide a cure to the problems but foster healthy habits. Drinking nearly 5 glasses of water on a daily basis will help to maintain the muscle function and prevent nasty blockages in the form of kidney stones at full stop.

Prevention of hangover

With a few drinks at times people are known to let their hair down but no one would like to replicate a situation of hung over. They do vary on the intensity front and can lead to vomiting and migraines. You can reduce the impact of hangover by increasing the intake of water before bedtime. Sadly when people are feeling tipsy water appears to be the last thing at the back of their mind.

Helps in digestion

Drinking pure water helps the body to absorb and even digest food and with proper hydration you can go to suffer from bloating, constipation and lead to stomach pain. The bottom line is that pure water helps you to stay healthy.

Shed off the extra weight

Perhaps water is the only liquid that would help you not to put on extra weight as every other thing has calories or sugar. Water is also known to help the body metabolize fat.

Protects your teeth

If you go on to drink soft drinks rather than water you are putting your teeth at risk. The only item that is good for your teeth in moderation is some amount of milk.

Regulates your metabolism

Water is also known to keep the metabolism levels in check by regulation of chemicals and hormones in the body.

Water helps to keep the kidneys healthy

The main function of kidneys is to remove wastes in the form of lactic acid and when lack of water occurs to dilute the kidneys they could be prone to damage.

During pregnancy the body is kept healthy

A pregnant woman has to eat for two and when you are pregnant you should eat for two people. One of the notable reasons for morning sickness is dehydration.

Water in relation to infertility

Research does showcase the fact that impure water has traces of oestrogen, which paves way for low sperm count in men. For this reason this could be one of the reasons to get in touch with aquafresh ro customer care toll free number for purchase of a water purifier.

Which source of water is best for you and your family?

Once you trim down the proper source of water, it is important you outline the PH level. Distilled water can seem to be too acidic and in case of alkaline water it may be too alkaline. In an ideal situation the PH level of water has to be in the range of 6.5 to 7.5 that works out to be neutral.

Even the mountain spring water appears to be in this range. It is termed as one of the healthiest source of drinking water as it appears to be a healthy source. This could be the main reason why craze for organic foods is on the rise. In the same way stick to living water as far as possible.