If you have eye problems you should look up for ways to keep them in good and healthy conditions. One of the ways to protect your eyes is to acquire a pair of soft contact lenses. Lens are usually fragile, they require a lot of care and maintenance in order to last for a long period. 

There are different types of lenses and each one has its own requires different care but there are some cleaning principles which apply to all types of lenses. Lens requires to be handled with care when wearing them and also need to be kept well when not in use. Make sure to follow your doctor's guidelines and make the necessary inquiries when experiencing any sort of difficulty.

Below are the techniques for maintaining care for the soft contact lenses:

Clean and dry hands

When handling your lenses ensure your hands are clean and dry that is every time you put in, take out your lenses. To do this you need to wash your hands thoroughly using water and mild soap prior to handling your lenses.

-Dry your hands immediately after washing them with a lint-free towel.
-Ensure no lint or fluff may get into your eyes.
-When applying makeup, put on your lenses first
-When removing makeup ensure you take your lenses out first.

Gently rub your lenses so as to clean them

If you notice your lenses have a surface build up, you may opt to clean the lenses yourself. What you need to do is to apply a multi-purpose solution or a little lens cleaning solution into the palm of your hand. Insert the lens into the solution and rub it smoothly using your index finger.

-Rinse them with the solution immediately after rubbing them.
-The rub and the rinse technique is deemed effective.

Take the necessary care when putting in and taking out your contact lenses

It's essential not to wear contact lenses that will provoke your eyes. Prior to putting in your lenses, it is necessary to hold them out using your index finger to check for debris or tears. If you find everything is okay then you should not hesitate to put in your lens. When taking out your lens you need to be careful so as to avoid the risk of breaking them.

-If you are facing difficulties when putting in or removing your lenses, then you may seek guidance from your eye doctor.
-Before you put in your lenses ensure the lens is right side out. It can be embarrassing to find out that your lenses are upside down as they won't fit appropriately and this may provoke your eyes.
-If your nails are long, pointed and slightly ragged, you have to take extra care so as not to damage the lens or end up scratching your eye.

Avoid using water or saliva on your lenses

It is necessary to use the recommended cleaning and disinfecting solutions every time you require to clean your lenses. Avoid rinsing or washing them using other solvents such as water, saliva, and many others. Only use the recommended solutions. Water contains micro-organisms which can lead to an infection or damage your vision.

-Never try to rinse your lenses in your mouth as it may lead to infections.
-Avoid exposing your lenses to any sort of water may it be the ocean, lake, distilled or tap water.
-Due to these reasons, you should remember to take out your lenses before getting in a hot tub or prior to swimming.

Use the right contact lens solution

The various kinds of lenses will demand different varieties of disinfectant solution. It is essential to use the right one which is suited for you. so you have to pay attention to your eye physician and also by carefully reading the product label you possess. You can apply a multi-purpose solution when cleaning your lenses and also when storing them.

-For instance, a saline solution is applicable when storing the lenses but not for sterilizing them.
-When using a hydrogen peroxide solution, you need to avoid putting in your lenses prior to completion of the necessary process which involves disinfection and neutralization of the lens.

Lenses are very delicate and therefore requires to be handled with the necessary care. When it comes to cleaning of the lenses only the recommended solutions should be applied.