Celebrities are great influencers - almost everyone wants to adopt their lifestyle. Female celebs announcing their pregnancy at a later age and having healthy babies is a common news these days. Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry and Eva Mendes have all welcomed children in their 40s. 

While pregnancy success stories like these are wonderful, it doesn’t help diminish the fact that female fertility comes with an expiration date. As women get older, their fertility decreases gradually. Not all 40-something women are able to conceive naturally.

Each woman is born with a finite number of eggs. This number steadily declines as she ages. Irrespective of the initial ovarian reserve, fertility in women is at its prime stage for women in their early 20s, who experience average pregnancy rates of 25 percent each month. 

According to IVF specialist Dr Gautam Allahbadia, getting the eggs frozen is a great way to preserve their fertility. “Cryopreservation overcomes a number of factors that might cause hindrance in pregnancy, such as early menopause, premature ovarian failure. Being able to use their own eggs and have biological children is an enticing prospect for most women,” stated Dr Allahbadia, who currently heads Millenium Medical Centre (MMC) IVF, Dubai.

Pregnancy success rate declines by 15 percent each month for women in their 30s, and as women enter their 40s, this further drops to a mere 5 percent. Aging in women also comes with deteriorating egg quality. With the probability of conception declines each month, the chances of a woman having eggs with chromosomal abnormalities increases, as does the chance of miscarriage.

There is really no way to stop the aging process. While an unhealthy life can speed up fertility decline (smoking, for example, ages the ovaries prematurely), healthy living doesn’t slow things down. While beating the biological clock remains impossible, there sure are ways by which the process can be slowed down.

While assisted reproductive techniques like IVF treatment have been helping numerous women experience the joy of motherhood, cryopreservation is one of the effective ways to stop the aging process of individual eggs.With elective egg freezing, women can go for an assisted pregnancy at a later age, without worrying about their eggs losing their ‘young’ status.

The technology of freezing, thawing, inseminating, and implanting has been around for quite some time now, aiding numerous single women and couples enjoy parenthood. As per Dr Gautam Allahbadia, thawed eggs are just as good as fresh eggs for IVF treatment, and increase the chance of conception through IVF owing to their good quality.

Egg freezing, or cryopreservation, allows women to pursue their personal and career goals without giving up on the dream of motherhood. Egg freezing levels the field for women and men in terms of the ‘ticking’ biological clock. The process allows women to find a secure relationship, achieve their professional goals, create a work-life balance and ultimately take control of their lives. Cryopreservation provides women with a choice to get pregnant when the time is right for them.

A number of women have stated that after freezing, even knowing that they might never use their frozen eggs, they felt a weight lifted off of their shoulders. It provided them a freedom to date, for example, without the nagging feeling of wasting time or pressure to rush into a relationship just because they might ‘miss the train’.

It doesn’t matter why you’re thinking about doing it - the benefits of egg freezing remain the same for all women. Preserving your youth, the procedure gives you a better chance of a healthy pregnancy at a time when you are emotionally and financially ready. If you are looking forward to undergo cryopreservation - there is no better time to preserve your future than right now!