Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that has multiple health benefits. You can use it to treat everyday diseases such as headaches to complex chronic diseases such as cancer and arthritis. Over the past few years, the use of this compound has become very popular. But what are some of the methods of extracting CBD?

CBD Substances

CBD is one of the chemical compounds that’s found in the cannabis plant. The natural cannabinoid is used to make a wide range of CBD-based substances which include gummies, candies, topicals, tinctures, and CBD oil. The form in which this extract exists also determines its CBD dosage. You can take a few CBD oil drops as tinctures or edibles such as gummies, etc. 

CBD Extraction Methods

There are various methods of extracting CBD oil from the cannabis plant. You can use some methods at home while others need high-quality equipment and well-experienced technicians. In order to extract high amounts of CBD, you need a plant that is rich in CBD content. Some of the most popular and effective extraction methods are:

The Co2 Extraction Method

It’s the most common way of extracting organic CBD Oil. This method involves using pressurized carbon dioxide to extract CBD and other phytochemicals from the plant. Note that CO2 can act as a solvent in certain pressures and temperatures. The extremely low temperatures and high pressure make it possible to extract, isolate, and preserve CBD oil. 

Pros of CO2 Extraction

It’s a safe and chemical-free method
A high-quality method that extracts pure CBD Oil
It’s effective

Cons of CO2 Extraction

It requires very expensive equipment
It requires a well-experienced technician

The Olive Oil Extraction Method

This is one of the easiest ways of extracting CBD Oil. The Olive Oil technique is simple and you can do from home. It requires the use of decarboxylated raw hemp plant. This means that you have to hit the plant until a certain temperature. Decarboxylation is vital for the activation of the plant’s chemicals.

Thereafter, add the plant material to Extra Virgin Olive oil and then heat it up between one and two hours. The heat should reach around 212 degrees-Fahrenheit. The heating process will result in the extraction of the cannabinoids, including CBD Oil.

Pros of Olive Oil Extraction

It is quite cheap and affordable
It’s very easy and safe to use

Cons of Olive Oil Extraction

You can only extract low amounts of CBD Oil
It’s labor intensive
The CBD Oil extracted is easily perishable

The Dry Ice Extraction Method

This is another simple and safe way of extracting CBD Oil. You can carry out Dry Ice Extraction at home. However, you need to put on eye protection and gloves for safety. Chop the cannabis plant into small pieces and then put the pieces in a container and then add dry ice. The dry ice will act as the cover. After that, leave it for 3-5 minutes in order for the trichomes resins to freeze.  

Then put the 73-micron bag over the container. Leave the combination for 4-5 minutes so as the frozen trichomes can come off. Turn the container upside down on a large mirror. Thereafter, shake as much resin out via the mesh bag. Use a scraper to remove the hash off the mirror and then place it in a jar. 

Note: you can use different types of micron bags to get different strains of the cannabis extract.

Pros of Dry Ice Extraction
It’s clean and less messy
The amount of extract is decent.
It’s very easy to use.

Cons of Dry Ice Extraction

It’s not easy to get dry ice
It’s a low-quality method of extracting CBD Oil.

The Solvent Extraction Method

It involves the use of solvents such as ethanol or butane. However, most people use ethanol because it’s safer. This low-grade alcohol normally extracts a wide range of terpenes and cannabinoids. Although butane is much stronger than ethanol, it’s harmful and may irritate your lungs. 

To carry out this extraction method, put the plant material into the solvent. The liquid will remove all cannabinoids from the plant. Thereafter, heat the liquid extract in order to remain with CBD base oil.

Pro of Solvent Extraction

It’s an easy and straightforward process

Cons of Solvent Extraction

Some solvents are dangerous
The solvent may also extract other contaminants and chlorophyll

Final Thoughts

There are multiple methods of extracting CBD. However, all these methods involve different equipment and processes. Additionally, the method of extraction also affects the quality of CBD oil. It’s therefore important to choose a safe and effective method with minimal health side effects. Overall, the CO2 extraction method is the safest and most efficient. This is because it involves the use of quality equipment and extraction of pure CBD Oil.