Before we begin to explore the merits of Kratom, it is essential that we first have a brief understanding of what Kratom really is, because It is quite often that people tend to classify or label Kratom as a bad or illegal drug, when in fact, it is just an evergreen tree that is native to southeast Asia. It is scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, and commonly found in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and Papua new Guinea. 

There is no doubt, that the effects of ingesting an overdose of this plant is very similar to opium and other narcotics, but like everything else, it has its advantages and disadvantages (when sporadically abused). Contrary to popular belief, Kratom has been used….and….is still being used for different things. Below are just a few examples of its advantages.

It is often used to reduce pain in the musculoskeletal system
It has been known to be used to increase testosterone in men suffering from erectile dysfunction
It is can be used as an opium withdrawal treatment for opium addicts  
It is traditionally used to heal surface injuries and as a form of local anesthetics
It can be used to make a cocktail. In thailand for example, it is mixed with cough syrup, coca-cola and ice.  
It can be used for recreational activities (that is, it serves as a replacement for hard drugs at social events).                                                
They can be used for deworming, as this is a common practise in Vietnam

In the past, it used to be very difficult to buy this drug, owing to the fact that it’s use was mostly restricted to traditional medicine, but recently with the advent of the internet, buying kratom has never been easier. It is important though to buy from a very good or reputable source online for better refined quality-------preferably organic and to have a well informed guide to administering it. A dosage table has been added to help you with an informed application of kratom. Below are also some tips for administering it.

Kratom tea: this involves steeping kratom powder or leaves into hot water to extract the alkaloid. You can do this with or without a tea bag, but you should know that if you choose to use a tea bag, some alkaloid will be lost in the process. Kratom is very bitter in its natural state, so adding sweeteners like stevia, honey or peppermint oil will go a long way in making it more tolerable.

Ingesting with olive oil: this process has been found to be very practical, in that when kratom powder is mixed with olive oil, the lipids in the oil suppresses the bitter taste in the kratom, and does one better, it dissolves majority of the powder thereby reducing the chances of of the kratom powder getting stuck in your throat.