Suffering from an ankle injury can be painful. If you think your injury was caused by the negligence of someone, Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP can help
Ankle injuries are some of the most common types of injury. A little over two thousand people sprain or hurt their ankle a day. The reason is that it's often a weaker or more susceptible part of the body. 

The cause of ankle injuries varies, as are the types of injuries you can have. Keep reading for more information about injuries to your ankles or other parts of your body. 

Types of Ankle and Leg Injuries 
Not all injuries are the same. Which means you can't treat them with the same remedies. Here are the different types of ankle injuries to keep an eye on. 

1. Stress Fractures 
Stress fractures happen from overuse. This could be from running on hard surfaces, or from other high-impact activities. One symptom of a stress fracture is increasing pain when weight is on it.
If you think you have a stress fracture, stop all activity as soon as possible. Ice will help stop the pain. And rest will help it heal faster. 

2. Achilles Bursitis 
Another injury common to athletic lifestyles if Achilles bursitis. 

You'll feel this pain most during elevated runs or even standing on your toes. It will be a pain in the back bottom part of your heels. To treat bursitis, take anti-inflammatory medicine and ice the affected area. 

3. Achilles Tendonitis 
Tendonitis can happen when the calf muscles and are tight. Overuse and even age can make muscles tighter. And when this happens, the tendons at the bottom of the heal become stressed. 

Cut back on activity to help relieve pain, and be patient. Icing and stretching the calf muscles and heels can help make exercise easier. 

4. Ankle Sprain 
As the most common ankle injury, ankle sprains can be easy to spot. It can happen when the ligaments stretch or become torn during activity. You'll experience swelling, pain, and it will be tender to the touch. 

Treating an ankle sprain is also simple. Keep it elevated, and put ice on it. Make sure to give it plenty of rest until you know for sure it's healed. Exercising on an injured ankle can cause further damage. 

Causes of Ankle Injuries 
Injuries can occur whether you're active or sedentary. For most, injuries happen during sports, exercise, or unusual amounts of activity. 

But for others, injuries can happen in the workplace. You can get ankle or even knee injuries from slipping on the floor. Or, you might have overexerted yourself at someone else's urging. If this is the case, you can get compensation if you have the right legal help.

Professionals at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP say to be sure and get medical expenses added to settlements. This can be a great help when those medical bills add up. 

Ankle Pain Management
Ankle injuries are some of the hardest to deal with because of how important ankles are. They have to hold up your weight, and when you have pain, it can be difficult to walk. 

If you're experiencing stubborn pain, there are ways to help. Read this article about how CBD oil can help you with pain relief.