The hormone testosterone is actually present in the bodies of both men and women. However, it is found in far higher levels in the bodies of men. This is a hormone that can have a big impact on the health and functioning of males in many ways. Some men suffer from high testosterone levels while others suffer from very low levels. 

If you fall into the latter group and have low testosterone levels, there are various steps you can take. You can seek medical help and speak to your doctor and there are supplements that you can take to help boost your testosterone levels. In addition, intermittent fasting is the best way to spike your testosterone levels, so this is something else you should consider. 

How Low Levels Can Affect Functioning

There are various different ways in which low levels of testosterone can affect the functioning of makes, and it is best to familiarize yourself with these, so you have an idea of when and if you need to take steps. One of the areas that can be affected is the libido, with men who have lower levels of testosterone also experiencing lower sex drives. This can have an impact on your relationship and can mean fewer erections as well as infertility. 

Muscle mass and bone density can also be affected if you have low testosterone levels. Some men find that the low hormone levels make their body fat increase while their muscle mass drops. Some also find that their bones become more fragile and there may be a significant reduction in the amount of body hair that they have. Low levels of testosterone can also result in tender breast tissue and for some men it can lead to hot flashes, which is typically associated with the female menopause. 

Your sleep quality is another thing that many suffer because of low testosterone levels. A low level of this hormone can lead men to feel more tired and without energy. However, at the same time it can also lead to sleep problems, which further exacerbates the problem. Some men find that they cannot get to sleep while others get to sleep but keep waking up during the night. 

In addition to all this, men who have low testosterone levels can also experience emotional issues because if the low hormone levels. Some men may experience depression while others experience a reduction in general wellbeing. Even the ability to focus and concentrate properly can be affected as a result of low testosterone levels, which can then cause issues at work or on a day-to-day basis. 

Speaking to Your Doctor if You Suspect a Problem

It is important to ensure you seek medical advice if you feel that your testosterone levels are low, as there may be suitable treatment that you can opt for. By being familiar with the signs of low testosterone, you will be better placed to seek advice or take steps should the need arise.