Psoriasis is a very common type of condition related to the skin, that is basically increasing in the life cycle of the skin cells. As a result, the skin cells are started building up rapidly and randomly on the skin surface in order to maintain the reconstruction of the skin.

Those developing skin cells sometimes may cause several red patches on the skin which may be itchy or painful at times. This kind of problems related to the skin is often subjected to as a chronic disease which may be visible or maybe not. According to medical science, there is no complete cure for this type of disease. The main goal of this kind of treatment is to reduce the speed of fast-growing skin cells. Nowadays according to the doctors, some treatments can be done to reduce the harmful effects of psoriasis. They are like changing our daily lifestyle, reducing stresses or applying moisturizing cream on the skin, etc.

Symptoms of psoriasis

Though the symptoms of psoriasis are varied from man to man, there are some common signs of this special kind of skin diseases. They are as follows:

Patchy red skin with thick silvered scale.
Cracked and dry skin that may bleed out.
The patient may feel like itchiness or burn or soreness in the affected area.
Small scaling usually is seen on the neck or outside area of the throat of the children.
Stiffed joints.
Pitted, thicken nails which are rigid as well.

Most of the psoriasis can be gone through different cycles for months. The affected area of the skin can be varied from a very small region to a huge area. The life span of psoriasis can be of months with no sign to cure itself.

Causes of psoriasis

The causes of this kind of disease are though unknown. But it is said that psoriasis is related to the immune system of our body which is linked with the T-cells, neutrophils and white blood cells, etc.
Functions of the T-cells are to travel through our body and defend the foreign substance such as virus and bacteria. But if our body already has psoriasis, then T-cells of our body attack skin cells instead of those foreign substances, as if they are going to cure the wound or fight against the foreign substances.
This type of overreacting of the T-cells enhanced the production of healthy skin cells, neutrophils, and healthy white blood cells.
In this process of growing skin cells, the increment of the thickness of the skin is done as fast as possible and resulting in the layer thicker redness and patchy. 
Until there is something like medications or treatment is no done, the process of not supposed to going stop.

Factors motivate psoriasis

Cut, bite by an insect, sunburn can turn out to be psoriasis.
Smoking can enhance the process of skin cell re-building.
Taking too much stress in the workplace can enhance psoriasis.
Viral disease affected people can also have more risk of being affected by psoriasis.       
 Ex: People with HIV have more  chances to develop psoriasis in their body rather than a healthy person
Obese people always have more chances to develop psoriasis in their body.
The factor that can be considered as the reason for psoriasis is the family background. If any of the parents is psoriasis affected, then their kid always has more chances to get affected by psoriasis. Both parents with psoriasis increase the possibility of their child to be psoriasis affected even more.


It is a disease that can’t be cured properly but the pain suffered by the patients can be lowered by the use of medicine like Ilumya. For this, a patient should consult a doctor at times to get rid of such problems. The instances when a patient should consult a doctor are as follows:

Discomfort and joint pain
Filling everyday work as a difficult one day by day.
The appearance of the skin to be different from the other days.
Muscle pain, itchiness, etc.