Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder or (ADHD ) can affect people who are dreaming of living a normal life just like most of us, and it might hinder them from achieving their goals in life. Children, teens, and adult can have this mental disorder. They will be having trouble in controlling their impulses and can't focus on details. Having a problem in paying attention and can't control emotions will interfere with school activities, home life and even in socializing which can be a problem in creating a good relationship towards other people that can cause anxiety, depression, self- esteem in the long run.

We can tell that a person who is suffering from ADHD can have no life at all. However, the good thing now that there is already a treatment for this kind of mental disorder. It is a stimulant that can help the patient by regulating the substance in the brain. There are a lot of stimulants available today, but it is best to know which of them works best for you. Talk to your doctor before taking any stimulant; they might give you a prescription for Focalin XR. Here are important things you should know about Focalin XR and how it works to your brain. 

What is Focalin XR? 

It is a treatment for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Focalin XR contains substances that can regulate the function of your brain. Dexmethylphenidate or dopamine reuptake affects the nervous system which is responsible for transmitting signals to and from different parts of the body then works with the endocrine system for your body to respond. It helps you to stay focus, alert and responsive which are the main factors that a person who has ADHD can't do. 

By using this medicine, it will increase your ability to pay attention and in controlling your emotions. In that way, you can continue your day to day activities and be able to live life just like most of the people. Focalin XR is in a capsule form that comes in different colors which are light blue, yellow and white.  It has imprints like NVR and D5. Its cost is around $1,333 for 5 mg good for 100 capsules. It can only be purchased by cash and are not valid for insurance plans so you might consider taking advantage of available discounts, vouchers like free focalin Xr coupon that can help you save. 

How to Use Focalin XR? 

It is essential to read the leaflet or medication guide provided by a pharmacist before taking any medicines. To acquire the effect that you are expecting and also to avoid complications that can worsen the disease. If it is unclear to you, it is better to ask your doctor or pharmacist. You can take this medication by mouth with water and with a meal or without a meal in the morning depends on your doctor's prescription. 

On how many capsules you are going to take will depend on your condition and its effect on you. If you are already using this medicine for a long time, do not stop the medication right away or switch to another stimulant. Consult your doctor before doing that to know if it is safe. 

What to Expect While Taking Focalin XR?

Most of the drug, if taken, have side effects and Focalin XR is not an exemption. While taking this medicine, you will have a sleeping disorder, nervousness, dry mouth, heartburn, stomach pain, headache, loss of appetite, weight loss and dizziness. These are all normal feeling while taking  Focalin XR but if any of these side effects worsen tell your doctor right away. You have to be watchful to what you feel and to any changes in your body. In that way, you can avoid complications to happen. 


Before taking this medicine, you should consult your doctor and tell them if you are allergic to it or methylphenidate. Tell your doctor about your conditions and history and health concerns specifically in high blood pressure, glaucoma and heart problems. For your safety, since this medicine can make you dizzy do not do anything that needs alertness like driving or using machinery. 

For children, for a long time of using this medicine, it may affect the child growth in weight and height so you better talk to your doctor because they may lower the dosage or briefly stop the medication. For pregnant women, if there is no need for you to use Focalin XR better not to. It can affect your baby and while breastfeeding the drug passes into breast milk which can pass to your baby, and it is not safe for them. 


For people who are suffering from mental disorder just like ADHD, it may cause you trouble in enjoying your life, and you might think that it is the end of everything, but it is not.  There are ways you can do to treat ADHD and taking stimulant is one of them. You can also attend seminars that talks about the natural treatment, know what the right food to eat and activities you can do to improve your alertness, focus and in controlling your emotions is. There are treatments you can try that allows you to live life with satisfaction. Make a move. Start it now.