Nowadays there are many people who suffer from fistula but they don’t go for surgery because of their fear towards cuts and incisions. The patient needs to be admitted in the hospital after the surgery for complete recovery which takes time in case of normal surgery. Due to so many problems which arises when the patient go for traditional surgery, often fistula patient opts for laser surgery. Laser surgery for fistula disease is a permanent solution without any cuts or wounds as well as it takes less time to cure. For fistula laser surgery you can visit the best proctology clinic in Gurgaon or Delhi NCR and that is “Pristyn Care.” 

Some patients get confused and use to think whether laser surgery will cure their fistula disease permanently or not. I would like to suggest to them that you can get proper and permanent treatment without any cuts via advanced laser surgery. My grandfather was suffering from fistula and even after long term medication, the recovery condition of the disease was unsatisfactory so his doctor suggested him to go for laser treatment. He said that "To get proper treatment of fistula disease without any cuts, incisions or wounds you must opt for laser surgery.” 

We agreed for the laser surgery. The procedure of laser surgery was just an hour on an average. After that surgery, my grandfather returned back home within an hour. So, I can say that there are some benefits which cant be ignored if you will go for laser surgery instead of traditional surgery. So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of advanced laser surgery for fistula.


No pain or less pain while treatment
It takes minimal time to cure 
No bleeding while surgery or after surgery
You can be  discharged from the clinic with an hour of surgery
Fast recovery 
No side effect 
Less or no chances of infection


Treatment of fistula may be expensive 
In all conditions, fistula can be treated via laser surgery

Well, all these were my own observation about the fistula advanced laser surgery. To get more information about the procedure, precautions or medication after the surgery you can consult with your doctor. 

A fistula is an abnormal connection of tissues between two body parts which cause pain. The reason for having fistula is may be an injury, an accident, inflammation or infection. Once you will consult your doctor he/she will tell you all the required information as well as the procedure.

Tips to cure fistula at an early stage:

Have a balanced diet: In case of anal fistula patient must have a balanced diet. A healthy diet will make your digestion better, so avoid junk and spicy food. Add green vegetables, fruits, etc. in your diet.
Drink plenty of water: In order to maintain good hygiene, you must drink plenty of water. You can also have juice. It will reduce the chances of constipation.
Use pillow while seating: If you are supposed to sit for long hours due to your work then you should use extra pillow by which you can avoid extra pressure on your back, butt, and legs.
Maintain good personal hygiene: Personal hygiene matters a lot in order to cure any disease. Whenever you use the toilet wash your hands to avoid bacterial infection. For fistula patient, it is must that they change their undergarments on a regular basis, so that they can prevent infection from spreading.

Well, you can follow all these tips to keep fistula in control and prevent it from spreading but when you feel that you are unable to control or handle the situation then there is only one solution and that is surgery. You can get proper treatment for fistula problem via laser surgery which has proven results. 

No cuts, no wounds, and no stitching but get a permanent solution from fistula disease via advanced laser surgery.