We live in exciting times as the effects of the recent wave of cannabis legalization sweeping the globe start to take form. Pharmaceuticals, tobacco companies – as well as the entire food and beverage industry – have all been vying for presence in this new future ushered in by the oh so popular herb. Being a relatively new drug used in a myriad of treatments, medical marijuana stocks now represent a great investment opportunity. 

For starters, medical marijuana markets are booming in Canada and Germany, and as for the United States, 33 states have already passed laws legalizing the medical use of the plant. Although medical marijuana may not be as big an opportunity as its recreational forms, its market could still be worth tens of billions of dollars annually. It is also a safer option than investing in recreational cannabis for those who are new to the market.
Educate Yourself 
Before you actually go through with it – and like any other form of investment – this requires a lot of research, reading, and discussions with like-minded people. There is an abundance of online resources on investing in medical marijuana and you might even want to talk to your financial advisor about the best way to go. And to help you kick start your own research, let’s quickly examine the different businesses you can look into if you want to profit from medical marijuana stocks. 

These are the companies that grow cannabis in fields, greenhouses, or indoor properties. It’s good to keep in mind that although fields produce cannabis at the lowest cost, greenhouses and indoor facilities aid growers in gaining control over environmental factors like weather, pests, and nutrients that reduce waste and enhance consistency. These are all important factors for cultivating medical-grade cannabis. 

Extraction Facilities 
The second step after harvesting is usually processed using solvents to extract chemical cannabinoids to make oils and concentrates for use in the various product forms. Many medical marijuana growers operate extraction facilities as well; selling readily processed products can simply mean higher prices and better profit margins. 

These are basically the retail outlets that sell directly to consumers. In some cases, growers take it upon themselves to operate all the way through retail sale; while in other cases they decide to create partnerships with distribution companies that help them market their products to be sold at the dispensaries. 

Things Are Looking Up
Right now, big cash is being poured into the legal cannabis market. And according to various forecasts circulating among business news platforms, profit from marijuana legalization could soon top that of the tobacco and alcohol industries, making marijuana stocks some of the most potentially rewarding investments out there. 

On the other hand, spending on medical marijuana may very soon skyrocket as marijuana companies are making significant investments into scientific trials that validate the efficiency of their strains in the treatment of various conditions. In the end, nobody can deny the extent of excitement surrounding the medical marijuana industry. By the looks of it, pot stocks are going to plant some magnificent blooms for a long time to come.