Drugs that are used for improving brain and cognitive function are sometimes known as smart drugs or nootropics. These drugs are becoming more widely used and accepted all the time, and are often used by those individuals that feel having an improved mental ability would be advantageous to them in their career or life in general. Nootropics and smart drugs allow your brain to handle more thoughts simultaneously, as well as making it more aware and in general more powerful. 

They are becoming commonplace in the professional world, been used by professionals such as lecturers, university students, scientists, business people, and more. According to Best Nootropics Now, the term "cognitive enhancer" does not refer simply to one drug that increases your potential brain power, but can refer to a vast variety of natural and non-natural enhancers such as minerals, herbs, vitamins, as well as typical supplements.

Throughout the course of this article, we will look further into drugs that improve brain function, including how they came about, their main uses, and then the top 5 drugs that improve your cognitive function!u

Whilst the idea of taking a natural supplement in order to enhance your brain function, they tend to not be as effective nor as fast as conventional brain improving drugs. The main advantages however of using natural brain enhancers include that, given that they are natural, are often good for the rest of your body too. They are extremely safe, and there is much more information on them since they are usually legal.

However, given that that brain enhancing drugs are more powerful, more people generally speaking want to take them because they want to obtain the maximum effect. Downsides of brain enhancing drugs include their ability to cause the user to become extremely reliant upon them. Now, we'll take a look at some of the best drugs for improving the function of your brain. 

Adrafinil - adrafinil is a man-made brain enhancing drug. It is related to modafinil, in that after taking adrafinil, it will be ingested and the body will convert it to modafinil. Adrafinil is a stimulant to the body - it acts against the brain becoming tired, causes the user to be more awake and alert, and thereby more encouraged to be productive. It has been thought that taking adrafinil could be beneficial to long-term memory, however this is yet to be proven for sure.

Alpha Brain -  Alpha Brain is not a single drug, it is a combination of many. It is an extremely popular smart drug that has been well used. The drug includes ingredients alpha GPC (hence the name), as well as huperzine A. Both alpha GPC and huperzine A are known to increase productivity and functionality in the human brain. Not only does Alpha Brain increase brain power and productivity, it's also makes the user happier and in a better mental state as it works to make more dopamine present in the brain - dopamine is a chemical that is naturally present in some quantities in the brain - it makes us feel good, as well as focused. With all this in mind, Alpha Brain is most certainly a strong contender and one of the best brain improving drugs that you could choose to take.

Aniracetam is a smart drug. It is known well to improve the function of one's brain. It can better the users memory, cause the user to be more focused and in general more alert.  When on prescription, it has been known to be prescribed to combat problems such as inability to sleep, depression and anxiety, as well as motion sickness and other things. It has been shown to reduce stress as well as anxiety by having an effect on different neurotransmitters that are present in the brain. It has also been shown to increase dopamine levels and thereby help those that may be suffering from depression or similar illnesses, since dopamine is what makes us feel happy, and the higher level that we have present in our brains, the happier we feel.  Finally, Aniracetam can have positive effects on the user's general emotional state. You may be thinking at this point, why would I be taking a brain enhancer function in order to feel happier? Well, the happier we feel, there is a greater likelihood that will be more motivated and therefore perform the tasks that we have to to the best of our abilities.
Oxiracetam - Oxiracetam is commonly used as a smart drug to better the learning abilities of the user. Oxiracetam has overtime proven itself to help maintain a good level of being function throughout the life of the user, in other words, it slows down the brain's natural loss of ability with age. Oxiracetam is man-made and is not naturally found in anything that humans consume otherwise.  As well as these benefits, Oxiracetam it has been shown to be a stimulant - not a strong one but a stimulant nonetheless. It has been suggested that it can make the user feel more awake and focused, and stop them from sleeping when they normally would - how Oxiracetam does this exactly is unclear, but, the drug does increase the amount of blood that goes to the brain which could certainly be one of the reasons why it has these effects. 
Noopept - Noopept is another extremely popular brain enhancing drug/supplement. Noopept is an extremely well respected drug within the nootropics and smart drugs world. It is extremely powerful, and is known to offer virtually every single benefit that one would look for when taking a brain enhancing drug. These benefits include improvement of memory and how much the user can learn. Noopept offers more than those things directly correlated with brain enhancement, including acting against depression and anxiety, and having a generally good influence on the mental state and wellbeing of the user.
Before taking any brain-enhancing drug, always be sure to consult a medical professional before doing so should you have any concerns surrounding your compatibility with them.