A weight loss instructor will tell you it’s not enough to do a few push ups every day if you are planning to lose belly fat or generally shed off fat in all the stubborn places. The body is complex in the way it handles and stores fat and this is why it can be so hard to lose fat from certain areas on the body.

The human body, according to research, stores fat as a survival mechanism and, while this was important at one time when food was scarce, it’s not the case now. Poor diets with processed, high-fat foods simply add to the problem and most people fail to include enough activity in their daily lives. 

Supplements like Ultra Omega Burn promise long term results by helping to control the appetite and burn fat more effectively and continuously. 

Ultra Omega Burn Review
Ultra Omega Burn is one among many weight loss supplements that claim to deliver fast results using purely natural ingredients, while at the same time promoting the overall good health of the user. 

However, to be precise, people who might find this weight loss pill helpful are those who are already in a daily workout routine or on a diet program but have hit a weight loss plateau, finding that they’re unable to lose any more. In fact, even with the top rated diet pills, one should not expect much without incorporating those other efforts that are designed to help the body burn fats.  

The supplement comes in soft gel-capsule form, the daily dosage being one pill swallowed with water per day. 

What Do We Intake with Each Dose of Ultra Omega Burn?
There is just one active ingredient in Ultra Omega Burn which is Palmitoleic acid, and the product relies solely on this for all its purported benefits. This ingredient is also labeled Omega-7 and it is always listed beside other monounsaturated acids, such as Margaroleic acid and Vaccenic acid. The Ultra Omega Burn manufacturers have not explained where exactly they get their Palmitoleic acid, but according to available information, most Omega-7 unsaturated fatty acids come from cod liver oil, olive oil, anchovy, sardines and eggs.  Although these foods are indeed rich in Omega-7, many people fail to get enough in their diet which is why a supplement may be necessary. 

Are the Ingredients Really Safe and Effective?
The weight-loss industry is flooded with supplements that claim to incorporate several organic and pure ingredients that have been tested and confirmed to assist the fat burning process in the body. Ultra Omega Burn relies on Omega-7 fatty acid or Palmitoleic acid to deliver its promise, which the producer claims safely helps to quicken the overall fat burning process. This ingredient may  aid in quick weight loss and support the removal of toxins from the body.  However, people who are used to seeing diet pills that are made from several different ingredients may question the capability of this product.

The manufacturer, however, explains that all this ingredient does is simply send a signal to fat cells suggesting that the body needs extra energy from the stored fats, and that makes it just as effective as it is intended to be.     

Manufacturer and Pricing
The company behind Ultra Omega Burn is called Nutra Active. There is very little known about this company or their research and development process although it is clear that they have confidence in Ultra Omega Burn as they offer a full one-year money back guarantee on all purchases.

Regarding the price of Ultra Omega Burn, users can get one bottle at $49, which covers the dosage for one month as it contains 30 capsules. However, people who want to save some money through the discount offered can order the 3 pack for $119, which slashes the price to around $39 per bottle or 6 bottles at $199, which reduces the price per bottle to around $33. 

Honest People Honest Reviews
A good place to start when analyzing a supplement is reading what other people say about it. As such, we have compiled a few Ultra Omega Burn Reviews as written by users of this product.

~Diana White says,
“I started taking this Omega-7 supplement three months ago and so far, so good! I have lost 4 kilograms since then, without changing my diet. My digestive health has also improved. Another thing I have noticed is, my skin texture has significantly improved. I didn’t expect this stuff to work that much!”   

~Linda says,
“Losing weight in my neck area, the chin and around the arm areas was the trickiest thing for me. I tried to supplement my exercise routine with dieting to increase fat burning around those areas, but I hardly saw any success, until my gym instructor hinted that I should try out a supplement to boost fat burning.  He pointed me to this stuff and I can say it's working well. Since I started using it the fat around my chin has melted significantly, thereby improving the way I look.”  

~Karim says,
“This supplement promised quick results, but according to me, it works really slow. I thought it would help me shed like 15 plus pounds in the four months I’ve used it, but my scale shows I’ve only managed to lose 7 pounds. I don’t like anything slow so if it doesn’t help me lose another 8 pounds within 3 months I might be forced to try another supplement. One thing I like about it however is that is safe and with no side effects.”    

Final Thoughts
Important to note is that users should not take this product to replace the other weight-loss efforts such as diet and exercise. They should also not expect overnight results. Ultra Omega Burn claims quick result but most users on average say they experienced noticeable changes after 2 months of using it. 

Although it sounds reasonable that this product is geared towards providing a potent ingredient that may help to break through the weight-loss plateau(a state where the body stops losing excess weight), what is not clear is how safe that would be in the long run. Nevertheless, this supplement could appeal to people who’ve lost hope of ever being able to lose weight after trying numerous other dietary supplements.

The promise presented by Ultra Omega Burn, that it signals fat cells to let go their stored fat, is what might draw people to this product. However, while the manufacturer has explained how and why it may work, consumers are likely to want to see more data from actual clinical testing on the product which is something not supplied.

Overall, it is unclear exactly how well a supplement that only contains one active ingredient will work but at least the product has a very generous refund term that would allow most people to judge it for themselves with no financial risk.