Kratom is a miracle drug of the natural future because it’s completely and 100% natural, similar to common forms of THC, and CBD oils. There is one major difference though. Kratom itself is not psychotropic even though it provides opiate like side effects. This makes it great for things like pain relief, withdrawal relief, and more. In this guide we’ll see how kratom pills can help deal with pain and where to buy it, both online and offline.

Strains Mean a Lot
When you’re wanting to purchase kratom you want to pay attention to different strains that can determine what exactly the side effects are that you can achieve, and certain strains have more pain-relieving effects than others. 

For example, Maeng Da, one of the more popular strains is actually more of a “buzz” for most people, as well as the fact that it’s been reported to actually give the user a stimulant effect. Bali however is a common popular strain for pain relief. It gives a “feel good” feeling that’s common with opiates, but offers better quality pain relief than most other strains. Then you have Green Malay which actually is the third most popular strain, which is like a mixture of both, but offers a little less pain relief than the Bali strain. 

Pills Compared to Powder
Kratom pills offer the same effects that you can get from taking the powdered form, but you get more convenience. You can simply take the pills with you anywhere, and can easily just take one without having to worry about time efficiency, as well as potency. Sometimes you do have to wait a little longer for the pills to kick in, but they generally last longer if you get a good supplier that packs a decently sized dose into a tiny little capsule.

Where to Buy Kratom Pills
No matter what form of Kratom you choose to buy, you can buy kratom in many headshops across the nation or you can buy them online. Head shops are normally herbal supply stores, special tobacco stores, and some of them are even dispensaries that sell pipes and more. Online however, you can find many stores, the hard part is finding the right store that is actually 100% legit, not overpriced (many stores are either super cheap, but they provide you with less pure forms of kratom by cutting the powder they put in their pills with other substances). Sometimes other cheap vendors have been known to just take your money and deliver bad product. Be sure to read your reviews on a store, and make sure that they have plenty of information on your strain in order to understand what to order. Click KratomCountry Buy Online for our favorite place.

One of the best stores that we’ve found so far called Kratom Country offers numerous strains, including native Thai and Vietnam kratom straight from the source. Not only that, they make sure that their herbs are cultivated at the right time to have the most alkaloids that can give you some of the best quality side effects and pain relief possible. Shop around and see for yourself. If you’re unsure about the whole “kratom powder” dosing, simply order the capsules to start out with.