When someone is recovering from their addiction they want to move out of their condition as fast as they can. Family members alike want to see their loved ones back to normal and free from alcohol and substance abuse. But the question is, how long should detox take?

How Long Should Detoxing Take?
Well, detoxing is basically the process of clearing and removing drugs or alcohol from the body of the victim and essentially managing any withdrawal symptoms that arise. Whenever you hear people talking about detoxing, they are typically referring to the process or the program of removing these substances from their bodies. 

The duration of detoxing depends on a number of factors which will be discussed below. However, detox can range from a few days to even months. Well, you can remove drug or alcohol from the victim’s body within a few days but the craving and withdrawal effects might take longer sometimes up to months.

Factors Influencing Detoxing
The entire process basically depends on the following factors:

1. The substance abused
A person involved in alcoholism cannot be compared to the one in heroin or cocaine. All these take different periods for them to come out of the body. Alcohol can take at most 2 days but its effects may take up to 3 months. 

2. The variety of substances abused
If your loved one was involved in alcohol and other drugs, it might take longer for them to detox. However, a great medically supervised detox in NJ could help them recover faster.

3. The frequency of abuse
There are those people who just take alcohol once a day and there are others that cannot do without it in their pockets to sip in when the craving comes. Depending on how often your loved one abused the substance you can be prepared for longer or shorter recovery.

4. The amount of the substance they took
There is moderate and dependency or tolerance in alcohol and drug abuse. Your loved one can recover faster if they took just little amounts to keep them high and vice versa. There are various rehabs and medical centers where you can get detox in NJ; do research to get the best treatment center.

5. The medical history of the victim
There is a high probability that your loved one will take long in the detoxing process if they have been having a negative medical history. If they have been in and out of the hospital then they might long to recover because of their low immunity.

6. Their gender 
Males tend to recover faster because their body is less complicated compared to females. You just need to give them moral support and take them to the best treatment centers for detox in NJ.

7. Their Age
A teenager who is just using fake IDs to access drinking pubs in New Jersey is likely to recover faster than that old man. This is because of their immunity and ability to fight withdrawal effects. An adolescent has high immunity level and energy hence they will fight effectively with their condition.

Detox in NJ can be done through intervention or in a medical center where a professional will be monitoring your loved one. The problem with the former is that you may lack the knowledge required to deal with some of the withdrawal effects that occur to your loved one.