There are many benefits one can get from a good, soothing massage – increase in blood circulation, reduce stress, relive anxiety, promote relaxation, relieve stress and enhance sleep. With all the benefits mentioned, there is completely no reason why would you not get a massage. 

Tips To Get The Maximum Result From Your Massage

For you to enjoy the benefits massage can give your body, below are few tips you must consider, before, during and after massage. 

Before the massage
  • Speak to your massage therapists and let them know important information like allergies to powder, oil, or lotions, your health condition, the amount of pressure you want, and anything else you thought may affect the result of the massage. Let them know your expectations from the massage, including the purpose of getting one.
  • It is important that you feel comfortable with your massage therapist; hence building a speaking term relationship is ideal

  • Do not get a massage immediately after eating, the body should digest the food first before the massage session kicks off
  • Arrive a bit earlier than scheduled, as body takes longer to relax when on a rushed state
  • You are not required to be naked during the massage session, hence take off only clothing you are comfortable taking off. Anyway, a towel or sheet is provided to cover your body and will only uncover parts where massage is being done
During the message
  • Most of the time, massage therapist will play a relaxing music to put you to utmost relaxation, but if you are not comfortable and you feel annoyed, let them know immediately
  • Some prefer silence during massage, hence when your therapist keeps on talking (talking about irrelevant information about the massage), politely ask for him/her to stop
  • If the pressure is too hard or too light, let the therapist know. Some are too shy complaining as they think it is offensive. Massage therapists are professionals, so for sure, they would understand.  
  • Breathe normally as it helps a lot in facilitating relaxation. Some tend to limit or stop breathing when a sensitive area of their body is being massaged
  • Relax not just your muscles but mind too. Tightening up through hardening or contracting muscles would make the massage counterproductive. Your therapist must know about it, so he/she can adjust the pressure or change the way he/she is massaging. If you can’t control your mind from running and thinking about work, focus on the touch and the follow the therapist’s hand
After the massage
  • Drink extra amount of water after your massage
  • Never get up quickly and let yourself enjoy the serene after the massage. Time may also be needed to let your body absorb the result of the soothing massage you have received

There are many spas available to provide you massage services, but they are not all alike. Choosing the spa that offers excellent service, like Nirvana Asian Massage, is important so your body, mind and soul can enjoy and absorb all the benefits a massage can give.