In today's demanding way of life, a good night's sleep seems to have become an elusive thing. Getting enough rest at night see you enjoy the next day feeling refreshed and energized. You should strive to get enough quality sleep if you want to be productive in all that you do. 

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Below are some tips that will help you enjoy a restful slumber every night.

1.    No Screens
You should not be behind a screen when you about to go to bed. Step away from them at least thirty minutes or more before you go to lay down and sleep. It will help fade off the effects of the blue light the screens emit so that you can find it easy to sleep.

2.    Read
Getting engrossed in a good read can be an excellent way of unwinding and easing our mind and body into sleep. It is both relaxing and therapeutic. But you should avoid reading something that gets you overly excited.

3.    Breathing Exercises
Breathing exercises help you to unburden your mind and body of stress and worries, making your feel relieved; thus you can easily fall asleep when you jump into bed. A simple technique worth trying when you find yourself battling to sleep when you are in bed is to lay there with your eyes closes as you focus on your breathing. Slow down the breathing as you take deep breathes as you empty our mind of the many thoughts and focus on the relaxing feeling you are experiencing.

4.   Do Not Overeat and Avoid Fatty Meals
The body is not designed to process fool while laying down. The way the digestion system is set up, it is meant to work best while sitting or standing. As such, you should avoid overeating a few hours to your bedtime. It strains the stomach. You should have your last meal of the day at least 4 - 6 hours before bed. Also, avoid eating fatty food.

5.    Avoid Alcohol
You may find yourself dozing off when you are drunk. However, alcohol does reduce the quality of your sleep because it affects our REM phase, which that period when you are in a deep slumber. So, you should drop that habit of taking a glass of wine or beer in bed.

6.    Dim the Lights
Reduce the amount of light you have in the room. Dim the bright lights so that you can encourage your brain to activate the release of melatonin, which is a hormone responsible for making you feel sleepy. It is hard to get some shut-eye when there is too much light in the bedroom because the lighting causes the brain to take longer to feel relaxed and doze off.

7.    Worry Journal
Penning down your concerns in a journal can be a therapeutic way of dealing with your worries. The idea is to divide the page into two parts where you wring down the things that are troubling you on the left and their possible solutions on the right. If you do not have any answer to them at that moment, then write down a date that will serve as a reminder for you to revisit the issue. The worry journal can help you clear your mind of your worries and aid in helping you fall asleep with ease.

The above are some of the common things that you do that impact your quality of sleep. They are things in your daily routine that you can change to help you feel relaxed and prepare your mind and body for a restful night's sleep.