Twenty-nine states across the country have legalized marijuana. This comes as no surprise to most of the American public (approximately eighty-four percent) believe the drug should be legal because of the medical benefits it can provide.

Recreational marijuana use has also become less controversial. Many marijuana advocates openly hail it as a wonder drug. Sixty-one percent of Americans have no problem with it being used in the comfort of one’s own home from statistics gathered in 2018. 

Recent research has demonstrated that there are legitimate reasons to use marijuana for medical purposes. Even the National Institutes of Health Department of Drug Abuse has started to list the medical uses for cannabis consumption. The two chemicals responsible for the alleviation of certain medical complications are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. 

Cannabidiol And Tetrahydrocannabinol

The two active chemicals in medicinal marijuana that research has shown can help a variety of symptoms are respectively known as CBD and THC. They have different impacts on the body. 

CBD seems to affect the brain neurons without getting the user high. THC has high pain relief properties, but it is also responsible for causing the euphoria, relaxation, and sometimes dizziness.

In addition to these two chemicals, there are another 400 chemical compounds and 60 cannabinoids. Not enough research has been done to ascertain their unique benefits, or even if there are any at all.

For The Treatment Of Chronic Pain

There is definitive evidence that marijuana is an effective treatment for long term pain. This is the most common reason that people request a script for medical marijuana from their doctor. Once they have a script, it will be possible for them to buy marijuana online. This helps a patient who is dealing with pain to receive their marijuana supply in the mail instead of having to drive to the nearest dispenser. 

Besides being used as a treatment for chronic pain, there is strong evidence indicating that the herb helps control muscle spasms. All  types of spasms are eased with marijuana use, but it has proven very helpful in the kind associated with multiple sclerosis.

Lung Capacity

The most popular way to imbibe marijuana is by smoking it. Research has shown that there is no actual damage done to the lungs by taking in marijuana this way. The only strong indication that the lungs will be harmed is by mixing marijuana with tobacco or smoking cigarettes as well as joints. 

Medical amounts of marijuana smoking have even been shown to improve the lung capacity in some patients. This research was conducted over the course of 20 years (the standard amount of time needed to observe the epidemiological effects of a substance). Heart disease and lung impairment was only noticeable in smokers of cigarettes and not of marijuana users.

Treatment For Glaucoma

The main reason medical practitioners have embraced the use of marijuana is the benefit it provides for glaucoma patients. It decreases the pressure inside the eyeball. The reason it offers instant relief is that it lowers the higher intraocular pressure which causes glaucoma patients such discomfort.

These are only some of the health benefits that medical marijuana use provides for people all over the world. If you suffer from chronic pain or discomfort, visit your medical practitioner to see if a marijuana prescription might help you.