Have you ever heard of a traditional Japanese meal called ramen? This is very likely due to the fact that this food has become a trend throughout the world thanks to all the tradition and history behind this dish. It can be said that currently ramen represents a type of fast food in Japan, since you can even find food trucks that offer this type of dish.

You just have to visit the Yuzu Ramen Siam Square to discover that this is true. But why is ramen so popular? The reason is very simple. The ramen arrived in Japan in the 19th century thanks to Chinese immigrants who brought a type of noodle soup that was very easy to cook. However, the popularity of this dish was not evident until years after World War II, where ramen became the favorite food of the working population, because it was very cheap and easy to prepare.

After this, the ramen became very popular, not only for the working class but also for the people with more resources, becoming the favorite food of the whole country. Even in recent years the ramen has transcended to other regions of the world, reaching Europe and America. Places like the Yuzu Ramen Siam Square are also very popular and represent an important part of Japanese culture.

Main Ingredients Of Ramen

What is this special food? There are many variants of ramen in Japan, since each city has its own traditions and includes very different ingredients. However, these are the ingredients that should not be missing in a good ramen:

Tare: this is a kind of sauce that is placed on the bottom of the plate before placing the broth. It usually has a strong and concentrated flavor, so that it can transmit this flavor to the broth.
The broth: this is the secret of a good ramen, since its flavor will depend on certain ingredients such as pork, chicken, soy sauce, among many other variants. The broth represents the easiest way to identify what type of ramen you are eating.
The noodles: they are made from wheat flour and can have many different shapes. The most important thing is that the type of noodle matches the broth and the additional ingredients.
Additional ingredients: there is no limit on this topic, since the Japanese usually experiment with ramen and include a wide variety of ingredients.

These are some of the most popular ingredients you can find in places like the Yuzu Ramen Siam Square.

What Versions Of Ramen Are There?

How it was said before, there are different types of ramen; depending on the city of Japan where you are, you can find ramens with different names and different main ingredients. This is due to the ease with which ingredients can be added to the ramen broth without altering its flavor, but rather it intensifies and results in more delicious flavor.

This is how we can find chicken ramen, pork ramen, and even fully vegetarian ramen. All this can be found in places like the Yuzu Ramen Siam Square.