Far from being a rare occurrence, many adults lose a tooth at some stage of their life. So, if it has recently happened to you, and you’re wondering why, or you just want to take steps to prevent losing an adult tooth, here are the top reasons adults lose one or more teeth—and how to avoid them. 


Even non-contact sports can be dangerous, imagine being hit in the mouth with a golf ball. Sure, facial injuries are rare in this particular sport, but they do happen. High impact sports like football and ice hockey are just better known for their risk of dental damage. Always wear the appropriate protective gear and play safe.

If you suffer a facial injury to your jaw or mouth, even if your teeth seem fine, it's best to see your dentist for an exam to ensure there are no unseen issues.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss. If you notice inflammation around your gums, you should look for the best dental practice in NYC at your earliest convenience. If you don't take action straight away, it can lead to tooth loss.

The best way of preventing this is with regular check-ups and good oral hygiene. Flossing is a good way of removing plaque buildup which can lead to gum disease.


If your diet has high acid levels, then you are more likely to suffer from tooth loss as an adult. Eating sugary treats between meals is something that you can easily cut out to reduce the acid levels in your mouth. Acidic foods such as citrus, tomato, and wine should also be avoided. Ideally, if you wish to have a sweet treat or an acidic snack, swish your mouth with water after eating.


It will probably come as no surprise, but smokers account for a high number of adults that lose at least one tooth. One study found that men over 35 who smoke may be the most at-risk demographic. Also, consider the overall effect it has on dental hygiene and your overall health.  

Grinding Teeth

Teeth grinding can wear your teeth down to the point that they don't have the same strength that they used to. It can affect important parts of the mouth including gums and bone. Given that your jaw bone is what keeps teeth in place, if these are weak or worn down, you are more likely to lose a tooth. The next time you catch yourself grinding your teeth, remind yourself that this could be contributing to weakening them.

Of course, there is something you can do about all these factors. The main thing is to make sure you have regular check-ups with your dentist. This way you can spot any early signs and work towards keeping your teeth healthy. Part of the work can be done at home. Regular brushing and flossing will also help to make sure you keep all your teeth for as long as possible.