Cannabis has been notorious for a number of reasons in earlier times. However, the use of cannabis is becoming much more common these days. Medical industry has demonstrated countless benefits of using such substance which have brought many changes within the industry itself. 

There are many ways in which cannabis can be used. It can be utilized either for legal or for illegal purposes. You can get to know more about this on However, here are some unusual and unexpected ways in which this substance can be utilized:

1. Medical cannabis

Cannabis has been legalized in various countries due to the tremendous medical benefits it offered. It has been proven by a number of studies that cannabis can be used for treating muscle spasms, epilepsy, cancer and a number of diseases. It works on pain relief, eating disorders, sleeping disorders, glaucoma and anxiety. Individuals who have been going through severe depression can use this substance as an effective remedy. In a nutshell, the medical industry has benefited a lot and patients can look forward to it for a number of reasons. 

2. Smoking cannabis

Smoking is one of the ways in which cannabis can be used. Most parts of the world have rendered smoking cannabis illegal given the negative impacts on health. The smoke contains a number of dangerous compounds that have a direct negative impact on emotional and physical health. A significant harm is caused to the respiratory system. It directly leads to a number of diseases. However, this is radically different from medical cannabis. 

3. Cosmetics

Surprisingly, cannabis can also be used in the cosmetics industry. The cosmetic industry has also incorporated its usage in a number of ways. There is no doubt to the fact that the beauty industry used hemp seed oil in a number of products. Similarly, cannabis remains an active ingredient in many products. This means that users are getting better skin quality. In a nutshell, cosmetics that contain cannabis have proved to be effective and beneficial for skin. 

4. Edibles

This is a relatively recent idea. Cannabis is now also consumed in a form of an edible. In many states of the USA, it has already been legalized. Surprisingly, there is a wide range of cooking recipes that are based on cannabis. Culinary industry has also embraced the idea of cannabis edibles and come up with several recipes. However, this form of consumption is only acceptable where cannabis has already been rendered legal. 

5. Drops and sprays

Cannabis drops and sprays are also a relatively new idea. This can be used as an alternative to medical cannabis. It is specifically aimed to control the dosage being taken. The substance is essentially absorbed by tissues and saliva. Even though the impact may be not as quick but it tends to be more economical. 

Cannabis may be considered illegal and undesired in a number of places but there are positive benefits as well. Nevertheless, above are some ways in which it can be used and consumed.