Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT is a well known treatment for low testosterone. It involves the introduction of the hormone into the body through injectable form of Testosterone or by application of topical testosterone creams. Since testosterone levels vary from one individual to another, there is no established standard or initial dosage of injection or cream. The best way to know is to discuss the treatment with your healthcare provider who can provide you options with maximum benefits and minimal side effects (products can be ordered here).

How does TRT work?

Treatment with Testosterone Replacement is somewhat like regulated use of steroid. The use of this treatment brings with it benefits such as

Increased energy
Decrease in weigh
Increased libido
Better mood

Similar to other anabolic steroids, there may also be observed side effects and accompanied risks.What are the most common signs and symptoms of a person having low testosterone levels in their blood? 

These include the following:

Fatigue and exhaustion
Decreased libido
Anxiety and depression
Cognitive problems
Having man boobs (gynecomastia)
Decreased muscle mass
Increased fat retention
Stunted growth of facial and body hair

What's considered normal level of testosterone in men varies from 300-1,100 nanogram per deciliter (ng/dL). Yours may fall somewhere between this range. But diagnosing low testosterone is not just limited to knowing your testosterone level. It is also necessary to identify signs and symptoms and treat them accordingly (like swallow pills form) to avoid difficulties in your day to day living.

Depending on the time of the day, the testosterone levels in your body may also vary. Moreover, aging also decreases the levels of this hormone in your blood. So no need to be alarmed when you suspect yourself to have low testosterone level. There are also ways to improve your testosterone levels including having a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise. You may also increase your testosterone in blood by shedding off those extra weight and fats. Belly fats in particular are known to increase estrogen hormone levels in men. While ladies should keep an eye on HCG injetions as well.

See your doctor if signs and symptoms persists for proper diagnosis and treatment.