The newly relaxed rules for the usage of marijuana have seen the consumption of the drug sky-rocket and that puts us into thinking of news ways to consume it. Recreational marijuana has become legal in a lot of different countries which allows us to have fun with it and explore different ways to consume it. Most people who are not familiar with the consumption of marijuana think that the only way to consume marijuana is by rolling it into a joint and then smoking it and that leads a lot of people to end up not smoking it as they do not like smoking. There are other ways to consume it and some of them are actually more convenient. To know more about marijuana, its uses and how it should be consumed it is recommended to conduct research and only go for reliable sources of information such as informative websites like Marijuana101

Rolling it

The classic and most common way to consume marijuana is to roll it into a paper and smoking it. There are however variations to that as well. You can choose how to roll it and what mixture to use for example some people like to mix their cannabis with tobacco and then roll it. You can choose what kind of a paper to use for rolling, all papers differ in size, shape, opacity and they all use different materials which can actually make a difference to how the joint will burn and taste. 

Making it into an edible

Edible means something that you can eat. Yes you heard that right you can consume marijuana by eating it but not eating it directly without doing anything because the most crucial component of marijuana which is known as THC needs activation or it will not get you high. So the most common way to make it work is by infusing the Cannabis into butter. This is a very easy process but still needs to be done carefully. You simply have to melt the butter and add grinded cannabis into it. Then let it heat with the butter so that it gets activated and once a certain amount of time has passed you should filter it and drain it and then let the butter settle. You can later use this butter to bake normally and the resulting product if consumed will make you high.

Using a bong

Bongs are something that is actually a very common way to consume marijuana. It is somewhat similar to smoking it but here you do not have to roll it. You simply put a bud of marijuana on the top of a bong and then you use a heat source to activate the THC in the marijuana and then inhale through the other opening of the bong where the smoke from the burning marijuana comes out after being filtered through a body of water. Using a bong is the most effective and fast way to get high as it is pure marijuana consumed directly.