Knowing your Cervix position is essential especially if you are trying to keep track of your menstrual cycle or you want to know your ovulation status.  Most women who use menstrual cups may be familiar with this term but to those who do not understand how cervix position matter, this post can help you gain some understanding.

Natural methods to check cervix position at home

Follow these steps one after another to carefully examine your cervix position at home. 
1.    Wash clean your hands and use hand sanitizer to get rid of any germs and avoid chances of infection.
2.    Choose a position to check the cervix. You can either stand with one leg elevated, say on your bathtub, and one leg on the ground or you can choose to sit. But do not lay down to check the position else you will get the wrong result. The best position is when you stand and check.
3.    Now you need to insert your finger deep into your vagina unless you reach a donut-shaped organ. That is your cervix, and it will feel like you’re touching your nose tip.
4.    After reaching your cervix, you need to measure the depth of your reach. It can be done by measuring how far your finger got in. You can use a ruler to measure your finger to the point it reached the cervix. 
5.    Concerning the depth or reach, your cervix can have three possible location High cervix, medium cervix or low cervix. 

High cervix position 
If your finger depth reaches up to two or three knuckles, then you have a high cervix. Now, this also means you can use a large menstrual cup.
Medium cervix position
If the finger depth measures two knuckles or precisely in the middle of your finger bend, you have a medium cervix position, and a medium menstrual cup is more suitable for you.
Low cervix position
When your finger reaches only with one knuckle length to your cervix, it means you have a low lying cervix, and a small menstrual cup is more suitable for you.

Why you must know your cervix position? 

It is essential that you understand as to why you must know your cervix position. But for obvious reasons, it helps you to find a more suitable menstrual cup. It also helps in suggesting your ovulation cycle as well. So women who have been trying to conceive can record their ovulation and know the time of month they are most fertile.

What does the position of cervix reveals about your ovulation? 

Now that you know how to find the location of your cervix, based on the position you can get to know the time you are ovulating. So if your cervix is located high, you are hard to reach to your cervix, this means you are ovulating while if your cervix is lying low and easy to identify you are not ovulating. 
So, if you are planning to conceive probably a high cervix is a good time to prepare a pregnancy.