Spine Surgery is very sensitive, delicate and should be performed by deft hands. As of today, modern Medical Science and Technology have opened up newer techniques and devices. Thus the Surgery procedures have been made simpler and easier for experts.

By using these innovative Surgery procedures, experienced experts at Orange County Neurosurgery are able to perform “Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery” to their patients. This means the patients can get positive results with minimum hassles in Spine Surgery.

The Surgeons encourage patients to sit with them and discuss if at all a Surgery is proposed to be performed and take an informed decision. This sort of shared decision making paves way for perfect understanding between the patient and the doctor. 

The doctor assesses the physical conditions of the patients, through several tests like MRI Scan, CT Scan and others. The patient is asked to fill up a questionnaire, completely stating the discomforts, pains and inabilities they’re experiencing, in order to understand the condition exactly and accurately. 

Likewise, you as a patient desirous of undergoing Orange County Neurosurgery operation should ask some vital questions and get convincing answers from your Neuro Surgeon before Surgery. Some of the following questions can get answered by your searching the details of the particular Surgeon, from the concerned website and putting the questions to the Hospital Staff.

But some of the questions need to be asked directly to the particular Surgeon, who is going to conduct the Surgery and answers elucidated.  

    What is the experience of the Surgeon? 
    How many operations are performed in a year (like yours) and what is the success rate?
    How long will you be asked to stay in the hospital?
    How long the surgery time will last?

These above questions are general in nature and can be answered by the Hospital Staff. 

But you’re aware each case is different with regard to the nature and specifications of the discomfort or pains suffered. So in your individual case, you should talk to the Surgeon (who will be only too happy to answer you) and ask the following questions specifically.

   Are there any options other than Surgery?
  If so what’re the repercussions if you opt out of Surgery, or how bad it will affect or worsen your present conditions? This is vital because your ultimate aim of getting relieved from the sufferings will be hampered.

 What’s going to be medical procedure – step-by-step in your case?
  What are the risks, complications, and side-effects inherent in the proposed procedure? This question gets importance considering your age, present physical conditions, pains, and discomforts now suffered etc.

   What are the preparations expected from your side/ such as stoppage of medications you’re presently using etc.
 Will there be limitations in your physical activities, lifestyles and job requirements etc.? This is important because you want a perfect remedy not only now, but also in the longer run as well.

   Will you need any equipment or modifications at home after you’re getting discharged? 

 Whom you should contact for any assistance, questions to be answered etc. after you go home, and the need arises to get help from Orange County Neurosurgery Clinic?
This is not all. The above questions are only for your guidance. Any Orthopedic Surgeon will be ever-ready to get the willing cooperation from the patient, before, during and after the Surgery, to make the entire process completely successful! You can use your prudence to add more pertinent questions if you want.