When it comes to opt for a healthier lifestyle we generally think about joining a gym start working out, eat a balanced diet. Obvi-ously these are important but equally important is throwing away any stuff that is harmful to our health and holds us back in living our life to the fullest.

There are many harmful items lying around in our house that we encounter every day and getting rid of these of these items can enhance our standard of living significantly. Here we have com-piled a list of 10 such items that you should throw away immedi-ately to pave your path to a good health.

1. Worn out running shoes
As we exercise every day, running shoes go through serious dam-age over time. As the shoes deteriorate over time they lose their cushioning which means your feet muscles has to take the force of running which may lead to running injuries.
So it is imperative that you make sure to replace your running shoes every six months to prevent any damage to your feet.

2. Frayed toothbrush
if you regularly brush two times a day your toothbrush bristles are supposed to get frayed over time and when that happens make sure to throw your toothbrush away and replace it with a new one.
Old frayed toothbrush collects bacteria and are little effective when it comes to protect your teeth from decaying.

3. Clutter
Reducing clutter from your home will improve your mental and physical well-being significantly. Get rid of all the house hold junk for a more clean and fresh environment. Hire a junk pickup today and get rid of all the clutter that makes your home a tumbled mess.

4. Get rid of clothes you’ll never wear again
Take a good look at your closet and you will find clothing items piled up that you haven’t touched in forever. These unwanted items causes unnecessary clutter which in turn leads to a messy home environment thereby effecting your mental well-being.

5. Leftover food
Don’t let leftover food sit around in your fridge for more than 3 days. Throw away any leftover food that sticks around for a long time as at refrigerator temperature Listeria bacteria grows in the food that can cause diseases like meningitis etc.

6. Diet Soda 
If you are on throwing away stuff that holds back a healthier life-style then it’s time to say goodbye to your stack of soda cans. Many research has found that diet soda contains sweeteners like sucralose and saccharin that can disrupt the activity of your bacte-ria which may lead to health issues like glucose intolerance.

7. Throw away your kitchen sponge
Studies have found that kitchen sponge is the habitat for the most amount of germs in your house and it is recommended to swap the sponge for a washcloth. This significantly reduces the amount of germs and washing them at regular intervals will kill of the bacteria.

8. Air fresheners 
Air fresheners contain a component called Phthaletes al tough air freshener companies promise to phase them out. But nonetheless this component can cause severe damage to the overall damage to the reproductive system.
9. Plastic cutting board
Replace your plastic cutting board for a wooden one. the cuts and grooves in a plastic cutting board accumulates bacteria that are very hard to clean away while wood has antibacterial properties and thus prevent bacteria from accumulating.

10. Plastic containers
Old plastic containers manufactured from hard plastic can be quite a hazard to your health. These plastic contain a harmful synthetic compound called BPA which can leak into the food that is stored within the container.

Final words
Achieving a good health is of optimum importance in the present day and for a good start getting rid of the items that can adversely affect our health is a great way to go. Healthy lifestyle is a con-scious decision and getting rid of unhealthy household stuff makes for a very healthy beginning.