Seafood is among the favorites for most of the people, all around the world. Along with the taste, seafood is also high in nutrition which makes it quite a great staple to add in our daily diet. But it becomes necessary to choose the right quality of seafood for getting the optimum nutrition along with high taste. And therefore, buying the right type of seafood becomes necessary (unless you are catching and preparing it all by yourself). So, here are few tips on buying different types of seafood.

Lobsters and Crabs (Live)

If you are fond of cooking and planning to buy the raw crabs and lobsters, then it is advised to take them live. Movement of claws or legs of the animal shows the freshness of the food. Therefore, make sure that the legs are showing activity when you plan on buying it. Even if you are opting for the refrigerated crabs, there should a visible movement in their legs when you buy them. While live lobsters curl their tails around the body when picked up. So, if your lobster is not showing any moment and if the tail is hanging away from the body, then the lobster is likely to be old. Avoid old crabs and lobster, as their nutritional value and taste, both declines with time.

Lobster and Crabs (Cooked)

If you are opting for the cooked option for having lobsters or crabs, then make sure that the aroma of the seafood is appealing and fresh. Also, check the color of the crustacean’s shell, it should be in the shade of a vibrant red color. When you open the crab, the meat should be white in color with traces of red or brown marks. However, in the case of lobsters, the meat should be a bright white color. It might also have traces of red color on the meat. If the color is dull or has an unpleasant odor, then that means the meat of lobster and the crab is not fresh.

Shrimp (Raw)

Shrimps do come in a lot of variety and so are their shells too. Therefore, there is no special marking or color that indicates the freshness of this seafood. However, if generally speaking, most of the shrimps come with a translucent shell with a tint of grayish or light pinkish color. Raw shrimps will always have a mild aroma and the meat will feel firm to the touch. If the shrimps are old, it will be seen on its shell in the forms of black marks and spots. The aroma also will change to a strong one and the meat will feel soft and fragile on touch. Do not go for the old shrimps, as they taste weird and funny. However, the Tiger shrimp naturally comes with black stripes. Do not confuse the stripes with the marks.

Shrimp (Cooked)

A fresh shrimp cooked will have a pleasant aroma. The meat of the shrimps will be very firm to the touch. The color of the meat of a fresh shrimp should be white with a slight tint of pink or red. The old shrimps will have a strong aroma and will feel soft on touch.

Fish (Whole)

The whole fish when fresh will not look far different from the version when it was alive. The scales on the body will be smooth and attached tightly to the skin. The meat will be firm in touch and not feel mushy. The gills of the seafood will appear pink. The eyes of the fish are the easiest way to determine if the fish is fresh or old. If the eyes are bright and clear, then the fish is fresh. However, if the eyes look cloudy or sunken, then it surely has been dead for a while.

Fish (Fillet)

The color of fresh fillets is translucent and the flesh will look moist and supple to the appearance. Old fish fillets will look bruised and browning towards the edges of the meat. Another important point, fish fillets shouldn’t be stored in liquids.

These are some of the basic points for helping you understand and buy fish more consciously. However, if you want to keep all these troubles at bay, then simply order seafood in Bangkok by Thammachart and get fresh seafood delivered right at your doorsteps.