Vaping has quickly gone from a new, little-known development to being all over the place. 

In a short amount of time, this industry has skyrocketed from humble beginnings to become a billion-dollar industry. It is now common to see people smoking their vapes and e-cigs on nearly every street corner across the globe. 

While its popularity is especially rampant in young people, those of all ages are starting to catch on to the benefits of vaping. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the biggest reasons why vaping has become so popular among the masses. 

1. Less Odor
Compared to cigarettes, vaping devices produce much less odor. The odor that they do produce tends to smell much better, and it does not linger in homes or on plush surfaces. With vaping, you never have to worry that the smoky smell will loiter on your clothes or person. 

2. Many Flavors to Choose From
Those who vape have dozens of flavors to choose from, giving them completely different experiences every time they decide to vape. Many flavors are fruity and taste quite delicious compared to the bad aftertaste that cigarettes tend to leave. 

The number of flavors available is growing every day, soon enough any flavor you can think of will likely be possible to vape. Those who want to feel a rush from nicotine, but do not want to deal with an undesirable taste should give vaping a try. 

3. Choice of Nicotine or Cannabis
Many people are opposed to cigarettes because of the high levels of nicotine that are found in them. However, if you go the vaping route, you can choose to utilize nicotine or cannabis products to get the vaping experience you want. 

These options entice many people to engage in vaping because they are not limited to one substance. You also can select the nicotine concentration of the liquids that you vape. 

For those that enjoy cannabis, using a vape is a convenient option because it allows users to get high without having to roll joints or blunts. 

4. Helps Curb Cigarette Addictions
People often vape as an alternative to cigarettes especially if they are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Vaping allows users to wean themselves off cigarettes and work toward healthier habits. 

Vapes utilize nicotine as cigarettes do, but they lack the other harsh chemicals that cigarettes often employ making them a slightly healthier alternative. Vapes allow those who are addicted to nicotine to still get their fix without endangering their health quite as much. 

5. Easier on the Lungs
Compared to the amount of smoke that is inhaled by smokers, the vapors from e-cigarettes are much gentler on the user’s lungs. Those who vape are much less likely to cough excessively after usage compared to cigarette smokers. 

Additionally, lung cancer appears to be less prevalent in those who vape compared to those who use cigarettes, because vapes produce less cancer-causing chemicals. 

6. More Socially Acceptable
As smoking cigarettes becomes banned in more and more locations, vaping is becoming a more popular alternative. While smoking cigarettes is hardly ever allowed indoors, vaping is usually permissible. Today, most people understand how bad smoking is for you which makes vaping a more socially acceptable alternative. 

Vaping has many benefits compared to smoking cigarettes which is likely the overall reason for its increased popularity in recent years. As cigarettes are becoming much less cool in the eyes of society, the acceptance of vaping continues to rise dramatically.

If you are tired of cigarettes and are looking for a refreshing change, then e-cigs and vapes may be the way to go. If you have never tried cigarettes but are considering it, then you may want to think about vaping instead because of its lack of health issues. 

For those who don’t have a connection to cigarettes but want to take up something fun to get a rush, then vaping may be a great option.