Chronic stress, in many ways, should not exist. Most of us in the western world do not have to fight to put food on our tables every day. We have modern luxuries and complete confidence that our needs are being met. Yet, with how prevalent work is in society and the overwhelming expectation of overtime, this can be a reality all too many of us face today. Combine this with low wages, and the problems intensify. Take, for instance, Japan, where there is such a high number of people who die from overworking that there is a word for it: Karōshi (過労死). 

Overworking and chronic stress is not healthy nor sustainable. We all need to find ways to balance out work within our lives and to reduce stress. Only then, can we live a truly fulfilled life.

Manage Expectations 
You need to be strict and manage expectations so that both your co-workers and clients know that after working hours, you are at home and not able to be reached. Doing so will allow you to disconnect from work once you leave the office, allowing you to spend the time relaxing and focusing on other areas of your life instead. 

Improve Your Breaks 
Your breaks are there for a reason, and not taking them is a huge mistake. Even if you do take them, of course, you may still not be making the most out of them. That is why you should not only leave your desk but try to get out of your office during your break. Eat lunch outside, play casino games Unibet to have fun and take your mind off of work, and relax. Once you manage to grab five minutes away from your daily to-do list, you can return to work and continue with your day with less stress. 

Better Your Meals 
The healthier you are, the better your body can protect against illness and the more naturally energized you will be. Combined, you will be able to manage the stress you feel throughout the day much easier. Not only that, but your food bills will likely go down from bringing healthy meals for lunch that you made at home. 

Try A Variety of Stress-Busting Activities 
Just as healthy eating will help, so too will other stress-busting activities. The more physical these activities are, the better. Sitting at a desk all day can greatly impact your health and energy levels. By committing to a high-active class that allows you to have fun and gets your heart racing, you will be bettering your health and de-stressing simultaneously. As a bonus, regular exercise has been proven to improve mood and energy levels, allowing you to be more productive at work as well. 

Taking care of yourself should be obvious, and yet it can be difficult to do when it comes to taking a step back from your job. Rather than see it as a failure to prioritize your physical and mental health, celebrate it! Only when we care for ourselves can we truly do better in all areas of our life.