About Essiac tea
Essiac tea is a tea that originated in Ontario Canada around 1920’s. It was made widely popular through a nurse in Canada whose name was Rene m caisse; she brewed this tea and provided it to patients who were suffering from cancer. The tea is now really popular in Canada and now essiac tea is widely used for cancer treatment. 

The essiac tea is made of four ingredients: Burdock root, Indian rhubarb root, Sheep sorrel and Slippery elm. These are the four ingredients that make up the essiac tea. Every one of these ingredients have different benefits and they are combined together to make a tea that can cure a lot of health problems.

Cure for cancer
Rene m caisse was a strong believer that this tea can cure cancer for everyone and made it popular after it was given to her by her acquaintance who claimed that it had cured her cancer and that essiac tea for cancer treatment is a very good remedy that can be very beneficial for the consumers. Essiac tea for Cancer treatment is a great solution due to its components. 

The first component it contains is the burdock root. The burdock root is known for helping the consumer of it by relieving ailments such as stomach pain, cancer and colds. The second ingredient of the essiac tea is the Indian rhubarb root; this root is widely known for its benefits as well. The most crucial benefits this root offers to its consumers are relief from Arthritis and bronchitis which are very common in the population today. The third important component of this tea is sheep sorrel. 

Even though the word sheep sorrel sounds like something that is derived from a sheep, which is definitely not the case. The sheep sorrel is a plant that is added to this tea as it helps thin blood and to reduce blood pressure as well. The consumption of this root will also help you cut down your cholesterol and can greatly help you detoxify your body from all the impurities we come in contact with during our normal lives. Adding to these three highly beneficial ingredients, there is another one, it’s called the slippery elm. The slippery elm has many benefits; the elm is to be made sure to be consumed properly by only consuming the inner part and not the outside one. The slippery elm can help correct constipation, diarrhea, syphilis, herpes, urinary infections, common colds and coughs as well. All these ingredients are combined carefully so that individuals can use essiac tea for cancer treatment and healthy again. There is a very high chance that this may cure cancer for many individual as the cancer area greatly lacks in cure for it, so essiac tea is a hope that might help a lot of people going as it makes them feel better and as a result be better as well. It is strongly recommended that all cancer patients use essiac tea for cancer treatment.