If you have been taking your shower in the morning and not in the evening, then you need to listen up. Showering in the evening may be more beneficial and has scientific evidence to better than taking the bath in the morning. There are certainly good things that can happen to your body when you shower at night compared to showering when you up in the morning. 

Additionally, going to the shower at night will also improve the quality of your sleep, making you wake up when you feel fresh and well rested. Here are some of the reasons it is recommended that you should shower in the evening as opposed to when you wake up in the mornings:

Acne attacks
If you are jumping onto to your bed to enjoy the comfort of your Dreamcloud mattress in the evening without getting into the shower, you will be heading to the pillows with all the oils and sweat you accumulated during the day. These, coupled with the heat you will be generating at night, will make the conditions right for acne attacks

If you know a thing or two about acne, you will realize that you it is necessary to clean the face every night with a zinc soap to remove all the dirt and debris that might be blocking the skin pores and which may encourage acne attacks. These are benefits you will never get if you wait to have the shower in the morning. 

Deal with seasonal allergies
If you are amongst the notorious group of people who are usually affected by seasonal allergies, then you will have even more reasons to consider becoming a night shower than a morning shower. If you are allergic to things like pollen, for example, you are likely to interact with them during the day and you may carry some of them in your clothes and your skin back into the house. 

It is imperative that before you start reacting to them, you need to wash them off as soon as possible. This is only possible with night showers. If you wait until the morning, the accumulation of the allergens within your living spaces will continue and sooner or later, you will begin to react.

It promotes relaxation and better sleep 
Taking shower at night will promote relaxation, which in turn will make you sleep well. This is based on the fact that the warmth and the heat you get from the shower helps in easing tension and anxiety, making you feel more relaxed before going to bed. It is no secret that for you to have a better sleep at night, you must relax both the mind the body. It is not possible to sleep like a baby if your mind is panting like a deer, and since you can achieve this relaxation with a night shower, it will be more beneficial to be showering at night as opposed to the morning when you wake up.

It enhances the health of your skin
The skin requires various kinds of stimulus to regenerate and be in good health. Most of the stimulus is always internal, and they include growth hormone released during sleep as well as sex hormones which are vital in increasing the size of the sebaceous glands. During the course of the day, the skin will attract all manner of dirt and it will also be exposed to the actions of free radicals that will do nothing but harm it in a number of ways.

But when you take a shower at night, you have a chance to remove all the dirt that might affect the good health of the skin. Additionally, since showering at night promotes good sleep, the release of the growth hormones at bedtime will also aid in the development of a better and healthier skin.

You will have clean pillows and mattresses
It would be disheartening to learn that your pillows and your high-quality Dreamclould mattress are the sources of germs which keeps you tired and brings you a lot of discomforts when you sleep. When you have a habit of going to bed every night without washing yourself, the dirt, dust, and grime from your head will soon find their way into your pillows, where, even if you do wash your bedding regularly, some will always accumulate so long you don't wash before going to bed. An easy way to avoid all these would be to just have a shower in the evening as opposed to waiting to deposit the germs at night and taking a shower in the morning.  

You have time to wash better
When you come back in the evening after work, your mind and body are prepped to settle down and retire for the night's rest. You don't have a lot going on and you can afford to have the time to wash in the right manner. Whether it is cleaning your hair, beards or any other body part that might require some attention to get clean, you will have adequate time to do so. You are not worried about taking too much time and getting late for the day's activities. But this is not the case when you schedule your showers for the morning. When you wake up, you are in a hurry to get things done so that you are not late for school or work. As such, you will only do the bare minimum as far as cleaning your body is concerned. You will not be in the right state of mind to clean as you would have cleaned during the evening. 

From the above, there is a very strong argument for why people should shower in the evening and not in the morning. However, it will ultimately depend on everyone's preferences and convenience. If you have a way of avoiding all the dangers associated with morning showers, then you can stick to it. Or if spending time to shower in the evening may eat into your sleeping time, but you are not in any hurry in the morning, then you can just maintain the morning shower routine.