It is not always feasible to stop working overtime, to go to sleep at a reasonable hour or to simply reduce your hours. Whatever the reason, sometimes this is just not possible, which may leave you feeling drained and constantly fatigued – especially day after day. Especially in today’s world, it seems like everybody is hustling and grinding every day. Here are a few things you can do to stay energized when you work more hours than usual.

1. Hire Reinforcements

What helps you relax? Ask yourself, seriously what helps you relax and helps you feel a lot less stressful. Write these down on a list if you must, and then whittle the list down to activities you can do at work. It is a scientific fact that happiness gives us shortened bursts of energy; therefore, doing what makes you happy at work will give you the energy you need.

2. Take Me Time

Whether this means watching YouTube, going for a walk, enjoying meditation, or simply having a rock concert in your car in the company parking lot. Whichever the activity is, use this short time to focus solely on yourself – it is a selfless way of helping yourself.

3. Focus On The Basics

No matter what, having a continuum of sustained energy throughout the day is mostly possible through eating nutritious food, committing yourself to regular exercise everyday—walking, jogging, etc.—and improving your mental clarity. It could be as simple as eliminating fast food from your diet, and going for a daily walk only half an hour each day.

4. Get A Good Sleep

Without a doubt, having a full night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for ensuring your energy stays full throughout the day. Sadly, not many people know how often they should replace their mattress. When you’re shopping around for a new mattress, opt for a king size bed, which is the biggest bed you can get and sure to offer you the most comfort for your buck.

5. Simplify

Having a series of screaming matches at home only drains your energies… long before you show up to work in the morning! That’s why, in order to minimize the stress on yourself, and how you handle overwhelming situations, strive to prep your meals for the week on Sunday. Install organizational apps to help you get things in order that you need to do to make your home life easier.

6. Relax 

Stress itself is an addiction to the hormone called “cortisol”, which is responsible for driving us into a panicky, red-faced human whose about to blow at any moment. Try unwinding a bit by indulging in leisurely activities that you enjoy.

7. Create Goals

Creating a goal list of things to do, as well as what you need to do to accomplish those goals, is admirable. However, you will have a difficult time doing what you need to do unless you have motivation to do so. Buster Douglas, in his legendary fight against Mike Tyson, revealed that his mother had died right before the fight. Later during the match, Buster would go on to knock Mike out. That’s because he had motivation to be the strongest fighter he could be.


Other things you can do to keep yourself full of energy when you’re working longer than eight hours is to play energetic rock music. You could also stay energized, without drinking coffee, by making more friends than usual at work. Doing so will make the long grind more bearable.