Cancer is a real menace that has devastated lives and families. The relatively obscure disease has a reputation of ravaging its victims, and leaving their loved ones in much pain and agony, not to mention to mention the financial dent it leaves behind. So sad that even after the lots of struggling by the victims and their families, it may still claim the life of the loved one. 

This is why a considerable amount of effort has been diverted towards finding cures and various remedies that could either lead to the elimination of the cancerous cells or at least slow their growth and spread within the body. In this article, we take a look at some of the top cancer-fighting herbs you may consider using as a preventive measure or as a part of the medical treatment you could be getting if you are a cancer patient already.

Red Clover

Clover has a very potent compound that goes by the name formononetin. This substance has been studied for a long time and it has shown incredible results in the fight against breast cancer, thus making red clover one of the best herbs worth considering in the fight against cancer in general. The substance works by inhibiting the spread of cancerous cells in the body and it also prevents the cells from attacking other healthy body cells, in essence reducing the malignancy of that cancer. Though research into the potency of this substance in the fight against cancer is still in its early stages, the results obtained so far are impressive and its prospects are very promising. 


Ginger is a common herb used in a lot of drinks, foods, and cookies. It is not just a potent spice, but also a superfood with very powerful anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties. The four main potent substances in ginger are zerumbone, shogaol, paradol, and gingerol and these have been demonstrated through studies and research that they can help in the treatment of various types of cancers including, liver, prostate, skin, colorectal and breast cancers amongst others.  

Oregano is another common herb and one you must have interacted with a lot in the kitchen. But in addition to helping you have very nice meals, the herb is also one of the best to consider if you are looking for natural ways to combat cancer or prevent it from affecting. One of the potent substances found in oregano and which is believed to make it one of the best cancer fighters is 4-terpineol. This substance is effective in slowing down and preventing the further spread of cancer to the rest of the body. 

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has an enviable reputation when it comes to liver health, and there are no doubts that it is one of the best natural remedies for liver cancer in the world. Several studies have looked at the main ingredient in milk thistle, silymarin, and it has been found that this substance has seven different ways of combating cancer in the body. Additionally, milk thistle has another compound known as silybin which is known to protect the genetic materials in the liver cells while at the same time reducing the chances of liver cancer. 

Lico Rice
The roots of licorice have a compound known as the guardian, and studies have shown that this compound has the ability to halt the genes for liver cancer from becoming tumorous or turning on, a process known scientifically as gene expression. Consequently, the plant can effectively stop the spread of liver cancer in the body. Studies also suggest that the compounds contained in licorice root can also combat other types of cancers such as cancers of the digestive tract and breast cancers.


Horsetail is a little known and a little-used herb, but a very important one when it comes to combatting cancer. Horsetail is believed to have the ability to slow down or completely stop the proliferation of cancer cells in the body. As such, it can help to stop a particular type of cancer from becoming malignant. Other studies conducted involving a blend of horsetail and Siberian Chaga was able to reduce lymphoma and leukemia tumors and as such, they were able to increase the chances of survival by up to 33%. 

Siberian Chaga
The Siberian chaga may not necessarily be a herb, but it deserves a mention when talking about herbs for fighting cancer. This mushroom has been in use for thousands of years by healers in Asia due to its wide range of healing properties, including anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-cancer properties. If you are never a fun of mushroom but you want some additional protection from the disease, including this mushroom in your diet will be a very informed step towards ensuring that you stay cancer-free. 

Dandelion has a plethora of amazing health benefits, and recent studies into its healing prowess have suggested that it can also be a very powerful herb when it comes to the fight against cancer. In one of the studies, it was discovered that when cancerous cells were exposed to dandelion, they slowly began to die after 48 hours. It was also discovered that dandelion could also kill off cancer cells that were not responsive to other methods of treatment such as the use of chemotherapy. In yet another study, it was discovered that tea made from dandelion leaves had the ability to reduce the growth and spread of breast cancer cells. 

Parsley is a common herb used to garnish food all the time, but did you know that in addition to increasing the flavor of your food, it can also help you fight cancer or prevent its spread in your body? According to a study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, this herb is full of very powerful and potent antioxidants that have the ability to destroy free radicals in addition to preventing the DNA from getting damaged. As such, it inhibits the growth as well as the spread of cancer cells in the body.