There are detrimental consequences that come with sleeping on a wrong mattress. It is due to this that all mattress manufacturers usually give out warranties as well as the expected lifespan of their mattress, beyond which the mattress should never be used. If you are having back problems or back pains, then you know what it means to stay comfortable when seated, and most importantly, when sleeping. 

If you suffer from a back condition, it pays to know how to choose the right mattress that will give you the support you need to avoid any more back pain. When making your selection, you will have to do more than using the normal mattress selection guide, since it is possible that you may land a very good and comfortable mattress, but it will perform dismally as far are remediating your back pain is concerned.

Discussed below are a few tips to help you make the right choice if you are out shopping for the best mattress for lower back pain-:

Your personal preferences will always carry the day
It should be known that no single mattress type or size will be perfect for individuals experience lower back pain. If you can find a mattress that will help you sleep without experiencing any pain on the lower back, then that mattress will just be the ideal one. As a patient with back pain problems, you should desire to find a mattress that will meet your standards of comfort and also offer you the support you need for a good night’s rest. 

Learn about the physical components of the mattress
The inner springs or the coils of the mattress are responsible for providing support. The mattress will have a different number of coils with different arrangements or orientations and all these will have an impact on the level of comfort accorded by the mattress. The padding on top of the mattress will also vary from one mattress type to another, and so are the depths that will also vary from anywhere around seven inches to eighteen inches deep. While you make your choice of a mattress ideal for lower back pain, consider the physical components of the mattress, with a keen interest on the number of coils, the type of padding used and the depth of the mattress. You can always ask for this information from vendors such as Tuft and Needle Mattress for more information. 

Look for a mattress with back support

The overall comfort of the mattress is important but when you have back problems, then you will be better off with a mattress designed with a back support. Not all comfortable mattresses are guaranteed to have this feature and you should always inquire to be sure that the mattress you are purchasing is indeed built with a back support. When you get a mattress that is too firm in the back region, you are likely to wake up every morning with more pains. On the other hand, those that are medium-firm may accord more comfort on the shoulder and the hip region. The ideal for back pain, however, should be relatively firm and have a thicker padding in the middle section so that your back may have a great support. 

Talk with a professional
You may not know all there is to know about mattresses for lower back pain and if you don't want to stress yourself with doing the research on your own, you can always turn to the experts for quick and professional advice. You can ask your doctor for the recommendation on the best mattress to use or you can simply tell the mattress vendor about your specific needs and ask them for help in choosing the right one. This approach will faster and more efficient in helping you find the right mattress in no time.

Know when to buy a new mattress

Sometimes your back pain is as a result of using an old mattress. It could be that you have been using the same mattress for a very long time until it is visibly old and very uncomfortable. You should always know when the time is right for you to get a new mattress. Don’t wait until you start feeling back pains before you think of getting a replacement. If, however, the pain was caused by other reasons other than the type of mattress you were using, then you still need to be vigilant that as you treat your back using other approaches, you should also be careful to not overuse the mattress such that it becomes an additional problem to your back issues. 

Consider your sleeping position
How you sleep is also very important if you are shopping for a mattress to use when you have back pain. If you are fond of sleeping on your side, then the mattress should not just offer you back support, but also it should be slightly soft to give a better cushion for the ships and the shoulders. If you are fond of sleeping on your stomach – the most preferred sleeping position for those with back pains, then the ideal mattress should be firm enough to keep you afloat. 

Take time to test different mattresses

Don’t ever buy a mattress for a back pain in a hurry. You need to find out the exact type that will match your comfort levels and give you the support you desire for your back. It is highly unlikely that you will find such a mattress in the first store you walk into. Take time to shop around compare different brands depending on the attributes discussed above. Ask the store for a sample to test out and actually lie on it to have a feel of what it has to offer. Make your purchase only when you are convinced that you found the perfect mattress for low back pain. 

Don’t forget about pillows
The alignment of your spine is very important when you have back problems, and this is why it is imperative to also think about buying the right pillow types when you are buying a new mattress. It is the pillow you will use to get a good posture and have your spine aligned correctly so that you don’t exert more pressure on your lower.