Start-ups have risen and tanked in this decade. Though some are able to tap into the needs of their demographics while others have failed to keep up with their introductory masterstroke. In 2015, the alleys of Bengaluru saw the rise of a new start-up, dedicated solely to delivering dairy products to your doorsteps. Starting from Bengaluru, Doodhwala has now spread their wings to Pune too. This virtual, app-based milkman has been steadily meeting the demands of its customers every morning.

Why Doodhwala?

Feeling the need for an app that could deliver online milk products right at one’s doorstep, Ebrahim Akbari and Aakash Agarwal concocted Doodhwala, in the year 2015. Ironically this idea came to the duo while they were working on a business project and found themselves short on milk. Not finding any app catering specifically to dairy products the two took the reins in their own hands, and the rest as they say is history. 

All you need to do is install Doodhwala, subscribe to it and select your daily-need products, the rest will be handled by the app itself. The focused model of this home-grown project is bearing fruit as it is witnessing a 25% monthly growth rate. Completing around 100000 deliveries in Bengaluru and Pune, they have a loyal following of more than 6000 customers. The cherry on the cake is that this app has 80% customer retention, which implies that they are pretty good at what they do.

Consisting of a team of dedicated, young people who also consume the service that they provide, you can be assured that they understand your requirements. Therefore, all their deliveries are timely and made before 7.30 in the morning.

Doodhwala App- Smart App

This easy-to-use application has a sleek interface, allowing you to order dairy products and groceries and getting them delivered in the fastest time possible. Its biggest USP is that it stores 70+ varieties of milk, tailor-made to every client’s need. Get to know the best features that the app offers:

Smart Filter- Choose from sub-categories such as age, medical condition, product type, and other sub-categories to customize your search. By setting these filters and narrowing your search you can find all the relevant products.
Nutritional Advice- Before you choose the product you can also check the nutritional advice attached to it, straight from the mouth of the experts.
Fixed Delivery Schedule- Select the products you wish to be delivered and relax, Doodhwala will take care of crossing out all the items from your grocery list, that too by 7:30 in the morning.
Change Schedule- if you wish to change your schedule and order different products you can do that too with this app. The changes will be effective from the following day. This saves you the hassle of going to a store every day.
Timely Delivery, No Extra Charges- All the products are delivered between 5:00 A.M. to 7:30 A.M. so that you receive your milk in time for your morning tea. With this app you can be assured that you only pay the retail price and no surplus charges. Even more, Doodhwala assured the freshness of the products. 

Products Offered by Doodhwala

Dairy Products
Bakery Items
Fresh Juices and Health Drinks
Batters and Ready-to-cook
Breakfast Items
Items for Religious Needs
Fruits and Vegetables
Groceries and Staples
Personal Care and Household Items

Final Say

Doodhwala is an app that is a must-try. If you reside in either Bengaluru or Pune, Doodhwala will take care of everything to fix your ‘most important meal of the day’. Install the app and enrich your mornings.