If you have substance addiction problems, then you might have tried – and failed – with other treatment methods. Maybe a treatment worked at first but didn’t work in the long term, or just never worked at all. At times like this, many addicts begin looking for alternative treatment methods for their addiction.

One popular treatment method utilizes Ibogaine to eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Ibogaine treatment is different from other traditional options. It is a psychedelic medicinal compound derived from the Tabernathe Iboga shrub out of Africa. One thing that makes it a great tool for beating substance abuse is that it is non-addictive, and addicts often only take Ibogaine one time to find lasting results.

However, choosing an Ibogaine treatment center is often not a simple process. There are a handful to choose from, each in different locations and with varying Ibogaine treatment costs. Let’s look at some of the most important aspects to consider when looking into Ibogaine treatment as an option for yourself or your loved one. 

What to Consider When Choosing an Ibogaine Treatment Center 

• Medical Credentials 

The credentials of a center are the most important thing to consider. You want to be using a legitimate clinic. Although Ibogaine clinics are not often licensed entities; yet, the medical staff will often have credentials and years of Ibogaine treatment experience. Always find out more information about the lead medical doctor and ask whether or not they will be present at the Ibogaine treatment itself. Doctors with credentials that do not perform actual Ibogaine treatments are basically useless to your personal Ibogaine treatment experience. 

• Nursing Staff 

When assessing Ibogaine treatment centers, be sure to verify staff members will be present during treatments. Doctors and nurses should be available during treatment to ensure that your individual health and well-being are preserved during treatment. Having a highly trained nursing staff is an extremely helpful part of the overall Ibogaine treatment process.

• Location

There are many clinics that claim to have luxury locations. However, paying for luxury is not always what you think. Often, the majority of the time spent at an Ibogaine treatment center is spent in your room. Paying for luxury treatment is often not worthwhile. If you want to take a luxury vacation, take it after your Ibogaine therapy. Save money on treatment and use that money when you can actually enjoy the luxury experience.

• Days Spent at the Clinic

There are different stay options for different clinics. Normally, 5 or 7-day options are the most popular. Both of these treatment methods can be effective. 7-day treatment options offer a few more hours of rest before returning home. Ibogaine can be very intense, so more time to rest can be very beneficial. Taking a look at various Ibogaine treatment reviews can can also help you decide whether a 5 or 7-day treatment is best for you. 

• Paying for Additional Options

Many clinics charge more money for additional activities and resort style options. Once again, this is not usually a worthwhile. The time spent at Ibogaine treatment is often tiring, and requires quite a bit of recovery. There is often little time left for a recovering addict to participate in more activities.

• Price

Many clinics charge way too much money for Ibogaine treatment. However, even more dangerous are pop up clinics that do not charge enough. A cheap Ibogaine clinic means less medical attention, or no medical attention at all. Improperly staffed, or clinics with no medical training at all, can lead to serious injury or death. Ibogaine is a very strong drug that needs to have specific medical supervision in order to keep the environment as safe as possible. 

Take the First Step 

Taking that all important first step is one of the hardest parts of dealing with addictions and disorders. If you currently have substance abuse problems, then the good news is that looking into your options is that first step. You’ve already started the journey. Don’t be discouraged if other conventional methods haven’t worked for you. You aren’t the only one to go through that. Lots of people have tried Ibogaine for themselves and found it to be more effective for them. Look for Ibogaine treatment centers near you to get started with this fantastic, holistic, approach to treating substance abuse.