Without a doubt, lying in a peaceful room for a massage with dimmed lights, light music, fragrances of scented candles and fresh lavender must be so relaxing but massage therapy has numerous health advantages as well. Eastern and Western Civilizations found that massage treatments could mend wounds, ease pain in the neck, reduce stress levels, and cure illnesses. If you are a busy person and can’t visit a spa any soon, you can have massage treatments at home. 

Check out full-body massage chairs here. You can simply schedule an appointment with your massage therapist whenever it suits you the best. Here are some amazing health benefits of massage therapy:

Severe Pain 
Individuals with severe muscular or joint pains frequently get a massage treatment. Massage can expand a man's serotonin level, which makes the body decrease the pain normally. Massage therapy have been found to adequately relax muscles and hardened joints. It additionally decreases fibromyalgia side effects. Fibromyalgia is a ceaseless disorder described by joint inflexibility, exhaustion, fatigue, cerebral pain and muscle fits. One examination by the University Of Miami School Of Medicine found that massage treatment assisted individuals with fibromyalgia feel much better and diminished their levels of substance P (a substance that sends torment motions around your body). 

Back Pain 
At the point when the Canadian Medical Association Journal took a notice of various solutions for constant lower back pain, the scientists found that massages are the best treatment for diminishing back ache.
Massage treatment has been prescribed for diabetes for more than 100 years, as it helps in re-establishing suitable utilization of insulin and in reducing inflammation.

Lower Stress and Anxiety Levels
Massage treatment has lowers stress levels, wipe out feelings of irritation and enhance relaxation. Studies have discovered that the depression and anxiety is often activated by body pain and that stress alone prompts muscle pressure and back ache which can be exceptionally terrible to live with. 

Arthritis Pain 
A massage that includes applying light weight to your joints and the modest weight receptors under your skin could help ease your joint pain. Massage can increase the flow of blood to your joints and lift the blood circulation all over your body, which can help you move better and reduce inflammation.

Enhances Posture
Sitting before a PC throughout the day or remaining on your feet persisting hour of physical work can cause pressure in the neck and back. This can make your posture really poor. Your muscles can unwind and relax with a back rub and enable your body to position itself into its regular position. 

Relieves Headaches 
A head massage is the most natural, relaxing and easy way to get rid of a headache. It also helps in releasing severe migraine attacks and stress headaches. By concentrating on the neck, shoulders, back and head, a massage can diminish the pain and discomfort that such severe headaches can cause.
Helps with Insomnia

As massage increases serotonin levels, it helps to sleep better.

Massage treatments are gaining popularity as people are realizing the health benefits that massages offer. Medications have long or short term side effects whereas massage is a simple and natural technique which not feels good but it also improves our sleep, body pain and mental health. If you have insomnia, try getting a weekly massage and you will be sleeping longer and better than before.

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Andrea Leal is a blogger who loves writing health tips. She is a coffee lover and in her free time she likes being with her family and friends.