We live in a world where physical health is preferred more over mental health and the latter is mostly associated with a person being mad. But the fact is that a majority of the world’s population is suffering from mental health issue which we do not have any idea about, thereby leading our future generations in more trouble.

People are very ignorant about taking care of their mental health as much as they take care of their physical health but it should be equally taken care of as both these play a key role in the wellbeing of a person. When we are mentally alright, half the matters related to our overall health is sorted as because most of our physical health issues arise due to it. The more concerned we are about our mental satisfaction, the happier we can be regarding our life.

Why people these days aren’t in a sound mental health condition?
The foremost reason why people suffer from depression these days is that they aren’t happy with their life; no matter how rich or poor they are! Nowadays, the ability of a person to remain happy isn’t measured by how luxurious a life he or she is living, it is measured by how mentally satisfied they are with their respective lives.
Some people may have everything they desire for but lacks the peace of mind, while some people who might not have the abundant luxuries but are at peace with the basic necessities only. Therefore, it depends on what makes you happier in life and how you prepare yourself for a better and healthier life which includes peace of mind dramatically. Also, the expectations must be lowered from life so that we don’t suffer from mental agony when our desired demands aren’t fulfilled; it allows us to stay happier!

When it comes to taking care of physical health, people run after so many things; from diet to workouts and sometimes all inclusive cosmetic surgery packages abroad to enhance their physical appearance and beauty but what they lack to understand that the real beauty lies within yourself and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be beautiful from outside. The more your inner beauty is, the happier you can be from outside also. 

How to deal with people who are mentally ill?
A lot of people see mental health conditions as a reason to be ashamed of and thus they treat people with such illness either with sympathy or ignorance. It is very shameful that people visiting a psychiatrist is assumed to be a mad person but the fact is that consulting a mental health expert when you feel depressed or stressed out is way better than dealing with it in solitude.

When you take the expert advice the chances of you being alright mentally sooner increases ten-folds but when you do not talk about your mental condition to others, it only adds to your agony. We can see many people around us, even our near ones with mental disorders, suffering from depression regarding the troubles of life.

So, we should stop being judgmental at first because we do not understand people’s condition from outside and rush to make opinions about them. We, in reality, they might be dealing with pathetic mental conditions all throughout their journey of life.

We need to be gentle and polite to the eons who possess symptoms of a sick mental health because a minimal amount of rudeness can actually take the shape of something bigger if a person is not mentally alright. Moreover, we must try to be friendly with them and make them talk as much as possible because a secluded life is the primary reason of a person being mentally ill.

The closure 
The world has indeed become modernized and developed in almost every arena and that has made human life easier and comfortable. The availability of so many technological feat and the easy access to them has made our lives faster but at the cost of our mental peace. We tend to get indulged into so much of complication regarding the virtual world that we forget to search for happiness in the real world.

Moreover, the busier lives that we lead on a regular basis, whether it's about our work commitments or personal matters, it never allows us to be entirely filled from within and drives us to stressful life rather than making us happy. That is why most of us suffer from depression that only becomes chronic with time when not dealt with properly. That is why it’s very important to look at symptoms of worsening mental health conditions in yourself and your closed ones so that it can be eradicated in the first stage only; when it overcast a person for long it can even lead to life-risking.