What is Psychology?

It is the study of human behaviour, mental abilities, and performances. It uses technology and previous research and findings to understand various mental events, treat mental health issues so that the person can be more productive.

Purpose of Psychology

The purpose of psychology is to study behaviour and thinking patterns and predict how it will affect and be affected by the external environment. A trained psychologist can understand predict and/or influence human behaviour. 

This can be a interesting field for those who are fascinated by how human minds work and wish to understand and work in a field related to the same. 

The path of becoming Psychologist

The time that you take for becoming a Psychologist largely depends on your career interest, and speciality areas.

● Step 1: - It starts with pursuing a bachelor's degree which would typically be of 4-5 years and it acts like a foundation steps where you would learn the basics about the whole psychology course. As it is a vast area of study it would take 4-5 years to get into how the whole human mind works. For this make sure that you do this course from the best institute in this field. If you are doing this course from an online source make sure that you do this course from the best online psychology colleges
● Step 2:- After a bachelors degree, the next step would be to take a master’s degree. It would typically be of 2-3 years. This is the time when you qualify to practise in the field as a case manager, employment specialist, or social worker. This is the time when you go for a specialization and learn more in-depth about psychology as in your bachelor's degree you had all the basics now in you would learn to practise what you learned in the real field of work, in your specialization area. After this most of the people will qualify for a job and would often pursue positions in education, government, human services, healthcare mental health care, and marketing/advertising. Some people take this as an opportunity to prepare for doctoral studies in area of interest.
● Step 3:- After this course, you would be called as a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) or Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD). This Doctoral Degree often comes after a masters degree. This degree focuses more on practice and clinical work. This PhD course plays more importance on experimental method and research.

This course prepares you for a career as a practising psychologist.

Psychology in everyday life

Learning a psychology degree would help you in various aspects of your daily life as psychology is something that would help you to understand people better and then you can also know how they behave and thinks. 

In your everyday life, it helps in various aspects such as:

● The building of relationships: The understanding of Psychology makes you understand and work with people in a better way as you can predict their way of thinking and how they behave in various situations.
● Improving communication: An understanding of how humans think and behave will help people communicate and understand others in a better way.
● Building self-confidence: The more you understand about you and the people around, it helps in improving your self-confidence and personality.
● Enriching careers: It will also help you to better understand your coworkers and stand a better chance of building friendships. It helps to deal with their actions to enrich your career.


So if you are fascinated by the prospects of Psychology,  I would suggest you can go for a small online basic course of psychology and if you find it interesting then you can go forward to take a degree in the same from any of the online colleges that offer the best online Psychology degree. If not then a basic knowledge would be enough to do wonders in your life as it would make you better than you were in various aspects.

Name:- Akshay Nair PR
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