Farting, which is sometimes referred to as passing gas, flatulence, or passing wind is a common biological process which signifies that your digestion system is working well and without any imminent health concerns. A healthy fat should be odorless and for most of the times, it will not have to come out with any sounds at all, unless you choose to bring the attention of those who are around about this biological expression. 

However, there is a good number of people who tend to experience farts with very objectionable odors. This is not what anyone desires and if you have been experiencing it, know that there are specific reasons as to why it is happening and it would be a good idea to try and identify the root cause so that you can put an end to the embarrassment that comes with the deadly smells. Here are some of the reasons why your fart smells so bad, and some of the specific things you can do to stop releasing such kinds of farts-:

You are eating lots of high fiber foods
Foods high in fiber are not just known to lead to increased instances of farting, but also they are one of the major reasons why people have very smelly farts. If you have been looking for ways on how to stop farting, then you have probably heard that you should cut down on your intake of foods with high fiber content. 

The main reason for this is that such foods take slightly longer to digest within the digestion system and with time, and together with the action of the bacteria in the gut, they will start to ferment, leading to the production of gases such as methane and others and these when released out of the body through fart, the smell is never pleasant. Some of the foods you may want to avoid if you are a victim of very smelly fart include bok choy, asparagus, cabbage and broccoli amongst others. 

Food intolerance
Food intolerance is another reason why you may be producing very smelly fart. This happens when you have a particular sensitivity or reaction to certain types of foods, which would then lead the production of foul gas in your system. For example, if you are tolerant to lactose, it means that you will not be able to the specific carbohydrates in lactose and as result, every time you take foods with lactose, they will begin to ferment in the gut due to the actions of the gut bacteria, and a smelly fart will be inevitable. Intolerance to gluten may also come with such consequences.


Though this rarely happens, there are certain types of medications that may also make you have very smelly farts. If you are on antibiotic treatment, for example, the drugs are formulated to kill harmful pathogens in the body and during the process of their actions, they may end up destroying some good bacteria within the gut that helps in the process of digestion. 

In the absence of the good bacteria, the process of digestions will be hampered, making foods not be digested properly and also increase the likelihood of fermentation process. In such a case, other than bloating and constipation, the gas released will most likely to have a very bad smell. This may not necessarily be the case for everyone looking for ways on how to stop farting, but if you are on certain medication and you all over sudden start to give a smelly fart, then changing the medication would be a good recommendation.


If you are suffering from constipation, it means that you have a buildup of stool in your colon and you need to release them immediately. If you are unable to regularly release the stool, you give way for bacteria to grow and develop in your colon, making it easy for a bad odor to form. Consequently, the gas you release will have a very intense smell. If the problem is serious and one you have been having for a while, you should see a doctor for a lasting solution, however, you could take over-the-counter laxatives as a simple home remedy for constipation.

Digestive tract infections and bacteria buildup

Every time the body digests food, it extracts the useful nutrients and minerals from the foods and these are then absorbed into the bloodstream. All the wastes are then directed to the colon where they are prepared for the final excretion from the body. Whenever the cycle of digestion is disrupted in any way, there will always be a buildup of bacteria and sometimes there may be an overgrowth of the bacteria in the colon and this will without a doubt make the fart smell like hell.

It is also possible for some bacteria to cause all manner of infections in the intestines and other parts of the digestive system. This may lead to not just higher volumes of gas, but also the gas is likely to have strong smelling odors. This is why those with digestive tract infections will always experience abdominal pain and if they release gas, you wouldn’t wish to be in the same room with them. 

Colon Cancer 

Colon cancer is another likely cause of smelly fart, though on very rare occasions. The development of tumors and polyps along the digestive tract will cause partial bowel distraction, thus interfering with the normal flow of food down the track, and this will lead to the buildup of gases and bloating.

If you begin to experience a lot of discomfort in the abdominal area and you start releasing strong smelling gases, and if a change in diet or medication doesn’t seem for offer any benefits, then it would be a great idea to see a doctor for a thorough evaluation. A colonoscopy may be necessary to help understand what might be the exact problem. 

If you were disturbed with how to stop farting and you were also concerned that your fart smells terrible and you wondering about the probable causes, listed above are some of the likely culprits. Check out which ones may be responsible for your condition and make the necessary adjustments to avoid the further release of foul smelling gas.