It is necessary for the Methylation to occur in the body. It is basically a metabolic process that performs many important functions in the body. For example, it switches the genes on and off, it repairs DNA and is also essential to convert folate and folic acids into their active forms that the body can use. Its production is carried out by MTHFR gene. 

A variation in its single gene may lead to MTHFR mutation. According to an estimate, about 30-50% persons carry this MTHFR mutation. This mutation is not inherently dangerous. That’s why; many people do not face any kind of adverse symptoms even after having a defect in MTHFR gene. But it might be harmful to some people to a great extent.

MTHFR mutation can lead to increased levels of homocysteine which can increase the risk factor for heart diseases. The ones who are sensitive to this mutation may also face the deficiency of folate acid. And it may eventually increase the rate of many health problems in a body. This mutation can cause a direct effect on a body by causing many diseases or disabilities. Therefore, sense testing or having a MTHFR gene test can be proved to be useful particularly for women of childbearing age. This genetic testing should only be used to support yourself for a better health. Moreover, having a mutation does not necessarily mean that it would have bad or harmful effects on your health. But still, if you’ve found out about MTHFR mutation in your body, then make sure to follow some of the following health tips. It will make you recover soon.

  • Frequently check the presence of homocysteine in your body. Its elevation can cause a problem with Methylation. Or can also cause the deficiency of folate or B12. 
  • Eat foods which do not have any kind of chemicals or preservatives in it. Processed foods may have synthetic folic acid in them which can be harmful for the body. 
  • Increase the intake of leafy green vegetables.  They probably have lots of folate in them that can be easily processed by the body.
  • Try not to take any kind of birth control pills or depleting drugs. 
  • Eat the diet which does not contain hormones or organic pastured butter or ghee. Try to have a diet containing non-GMO fed chickens and grass-fed beef. 
  • Avoid taking drugs that may result in folic acid blocking. 
  • Prefer taking meal rich with essential nutrients. Proteins are very much beneficial in providing energy to the body. Thus, eat food which contains probiotics, fish oil or other nutrients like methyl-B12, TMG or riboflavin, etc. 
  • If you are a patient of this mutation then also make sure to tell your friends and other family members to take this test. It is not compulsory that they will also have MTHFR mutation only because you are having it. But taking a test is a good preventive measure.
  • Even if you don’t have to face any problems in this mutation,  you still must visit your physician or doctor for regular checkups.  

Except everything explained above, make sure to keep yourself active and fresh. Moreover, take part in the activities that would be beneficial for your health. It will eventually lead you towards a better health. According to a survey, most of the diseases in a human are caused by his laziness and lack of movement. So try to make a routine that would be able to keep you active.