Making and baking the chocolate is actually not easy but is does not mean that it cannot happen. Rather than making the cake without knowing anything, it is better to gather the necessary tips to make and bake the ultimate chocolate cake. If you do not know the necessary facts then you will definitely end up with the tasteless cake. So here is a complete solution to the problem and here are some important tips which will definitely help to make the unique, delicious and ultimate chocolate cake.

Preparation of pan- 

• Always use a pan of required size for the cake. Do not take oversized and undersized pan. 
• Do not forget to grease the pan with some flour before starting the recipe.
• Vegetable but non-stick spray can used in greasing the pan and it is a better choice than all.
• Do not grease or add flour to the pan of the cake if you are making a foam cake otherwise it will not let the cake from rising. So as to avoid it, one can add a wax paper on the floor of pan if necessary.

Preparation of batter-

• Properly weigh the quantity of ingredients before mixing the batter. 
• Always try to pre heat the microwave before making the cake.
• Keep all the ingredients at room temperature.
• Always use a whisker to mix the ingredients and if you are not having the whisker then do it with the hand but give more time to the blending if you are doing it with the hand.

Adding the batter into the pan-

• Always fill the batter up to the 3/4th of the pan and leave the rest for the rising.
• If anyone is using the square pan then do not forget to fill the batter into the corners.
• Always pre decide the shape of the cake or the cake pan.

Cake baking-

• Do not forget to preheat the oven before putting the cake pan in the oven.
• Reduce the temperature of the oven if you are using dark coloured or glass pan as they have the ability to retain more heat.
• Always keep the pan in the center of the rack so that heat can be equally distributed to the whole pan.
• Do not allow to touch the pan if you are using multiple pans at a time.
• Always try to test the cake before 10 minutes.

Cooling the cakes-

• Allow the cakes to cool before putting into the cooling surface. If the cake is sticking then loose it with the spatula. 

Frosting the cake-

• If you do not have enough time and you are in hurry then go for the jelly and put the jelly in between the layers or add the slices of fruits in between the layers.
• Always keep the extra frosting with you. If left with some, keep the frosting in the refrigerator.
• Add some amount of oil or hot milk if the frosting is too thick.
• Always try to start the frosting from the sides of the cake.
• Cover the cake with the plastic strips and once the cake cools then remove the strips.

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