Burning incense has always been here. It plays a major role in many religious and cultural practices. It has even gained popularity in the Western countries. Incense can be found in grocery and healthcare stores as well. 

Many people consider incense just a mere air freshener or an odor but they are unaware of the benefits it offers to the body and mind. Apart from the pleasant aroma it provides, here are some of the amazing advantages of burning incense sticks. 

1. Anxiety relief

Use an incense stick such as sandalwood when feeling tensed. The scent is directly associated with lower levels of stress and anxiety. Lavender incense can be burnt simultaneously for better results. The combination of both aromas contribute a lot in reducing tension and depression. A number of studies have indicated that it positively affects in women receiving breast biopsies. 

2. Improves sleep quality

Insomnia is one of the widespread diseases and healthcare professionals are finding ways to address this issue. Obviously, anxiety is one of the factors behind occurrence of Insomnia and incense burning deals with this issue already, as mentioned above. Furthermore, some incenses such as sandalwood are effective sedatives due to the stress-busting impact. It calms down the mind entirely helping you get a restful sleep. It is something that everyone needs after a long hectic day. 

Sandalwood is known for its relaxing odor. Burn an incense stick when you getting ready for the bed. It stimulates the mood and create a soothing and comfortable atmosphere. 

3. Lower blood pressure

This is one of the most surprising benefits of burning an incense. The relaxing aroma can even lower blood pressure. It helps the body to calm down especially when you are feeling stressed after work. By lowering the blood pressure, body is protected against heart strokes, cardiac arrest and other forms of heart diseases. Of course, incenses cannot work on its own, but it contributes a lot to the heart patients. 

4. Heal wounds

Religions have been using incense for spiritual powers. Many physicians throughout history have used it due to its healing powers. The ability to heal wounds is another surprising benefit. It activates the olfactory receptors and stimulates a number of processes in our body. It encourages the body to make keratin which makes the outermost layer of skin. The increased production of keratin heals the wounds faster. 

5. A natural air freshener

This the most obvious benefit that incenses have to offer. It makes the home smell amazing especially when unpleasant odors are prevalent. It is much safer to use compared to artificial air fresheners. The air is no deodorized through these products, rather it infuses harsh chemicals to the environment which further harms our body. These can bring in hormonal changes in the body. 

Final word

Studies indicate that incenses have contributed to the human mind and body positively. Above were some of the compelling benefits. However, purchase it from a reputable brand in order to get the best product.