Commonly known as Somatropin, HGH or human growth hormones is a natural hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. However, often due to some health condition, heredity problems or just because of ageing, the secretion of this hormone either decreases or stops. 

For such a situation, injectable human growth hormones are available in the market and can be bought by showing a prescription. Now you would think why would I need something like an HGH injection? An HGH keeps your body’s emotional and physical reflexes in check. Here is a list of all other benefits of this hormone as revealed by a study (1999) in National Institute on aging, US.

1. Say no to wrinkles
In old times, wrinkles used to appear in late 30s. Thanks to pollution, stress, eating habits the onset of wrinkles has shifted from late 30s to late 20s. You would not want to look ahead of your age just because your body is releasing less of HGH. 

Application of HGH leads to tighter skin for both men and women. With age the muscles become weak and thus the skin starts to loosen up. You can always get benefited with HGH in such a case.

2. Decreased body fat
Low HGH is also related to increase in fat storage in your body. If you are also getting obese then lack of HGH production is one of the causes, you should ask your doctor and he will prescribe you some dosage of HGHs or a complete HGH replacement therapy.

3. More hair volume
Apart from wrinkles and fat, increased hair fall is also one of the problems that are directly related to HGH secretion in your body. If you are also suffering from one such condition, it is time to get yourself checked for HGH levels and if needed get shots of the same.

4. Better stress handling capacity
If your body feels healthy and mind is relaxed, you will be able to handle any situation easily. HGH deficiency has been found to affect the mental health drastically and more than 70% of population on whom the study was conducted, reported a better mental health and tress handling capacity after being given HGH shots.

5. Increase in energy level and endurance
A lack of HGH in the body makes you feel dizzy and tired all the time. More than 80% of population was benefited after the manual dosage of HGH. HGH is known to unlock the enhanced metabolism level of your body and you are able to do more physical activities than ever. It also increases the speed with which your body repairs its cells and your endurance increases greatly. 

Increased energy level and endurance also helps you to remain calm and composed. Since HGH also enhances the coordination between your body and mind, your level of anxiety decreases assertiveness increases and you get higher feeling of self-worth and empowerment.

HGH therapy can have life changing effects if completed properly. If you have any of the above-mentioned problems get your HGH level checked today. Also make sure you are buying genuine HGH shots. For best quality and usage information you can check