Of all the five senses we are endowed with, our eyesight is without a doubt the most important, as we rely on vision to help us negotiate the world around us, and the well-being of our eyes should never be taken for granted. A once yearly eye examination might prove to be beneficial, as the optician can often detect an abnormality that affects another part of the body, and an early diagnosis will allow the opportunity for some preventative treatment. You may need to purchase contact lenses if your eyesight is deteriorating.

The Window to your Body
It is said that the condition of the eyes can tell the expert a lot about a person’s overall health, and the optician might only be carrying out vision tests, but might notice something and ask you to visit your GP. An OCT eye test, for example, can detect glaucoma, macular degeneration, and retinopathy, as well as evaluating the condition of the optic nerves, and if you have no idea where your nearest optician is located, and online search will soon have you on the optician’s website, where you can make an online appointment for an eye examination.

Digital Eye Strain
Whatever your career, it will involve hours of staring at a computer screen, and this puts tremendous strain on the eyes, as they must focus on a specific target area for hours on end. Of course, we can’t simply stop work, but every 45 minutes, you should take a short break to give your eyes another dimension. Grab a coffee and take a walk around, or go over to a window and focus on something outside, as this gives your optic nerves a different focal point. Overdoing things at work can have a damaging effect on your eyes, so always bear in mind how long you are sitting in front of your workstation computer in a single session.

Vision Correction
It is perfectly natural for a person in their later years to require eyeglasses, as the shape of the cornea can change the ability to focus, and if you cannot read small print, for example, this is a sign that you need vision correction eyeglasses, and with some testing, the optician can formulate the right lenses, and with a wide range of stylish frames from names like Lindberg, Nike and Tom Ford. 

Pollen and other airborne microbes can result in a person developing an allergy, and this can range from being slightly irritating to downright unbearable. An optician would be able to prescribe the right medication, which is usually enough to cure the problem. We tend to instinctively rub our eyes when they itch, but this will only make matters worse, and the best solution is an eye bath using a cleaning solution. 

Even if you do not currently suffer from vision problems, it is still wise to have an annual eye check-up, and the optician can run a series of tests to ensure that your eyes are healthy, and if you make a note in your diary for next year, that’s one less thing to worry about.