DNA- Deoxyribonucleic acid, a twisted ladder in the cell’s nucleus of your body that can tell about your ancestry is one of the most revolutionary discoveries made by the scientists. It was discovered by Watson and Crick in the year 1958. Since then a lot of things get revolutionized in the field of molecular biology. 

It is reported that every individual shares 99% of DNA with every other human being. However, between biological parents and children, it gets elevated to 99.5 to 99.9%. This is the reason why it is considered an important tool for clarifying the biological relation and parentage between two individuals. Other than this, it has several advantages which have made it popular and widespread. 

With the capability to tell you about Ancestry VS 23andMe and much more, here are some facts associated with DNA test. Check them out!

DNA test confirms the biological resemblance
The test is the indicator to the resemblance to the parents with the child. While the paternity test ensures the father of the child, the maternity one tells who the mother is. The fun fact is these tests can also determine the likelihood of someone being the grandparent of the child. Although a number of tests are available the DNS test is considered the most reliable one. 

DNA test can be done while the woman is pregnant. 
It is not necessary to have a child born before initiating the DNA test. The blood is drawn from the pregnant women along with the amniotic fluid from the uterus. After performing few lab tests, the DNA of the child can be obtained. It can be later matched with the DNA of the prospective father to confirm him being the biological one.

The chances of probability come 0% if the parents are not biological. This makes the DNA test highly authentic and accurate. The results always come as the ‘probability of percentage’ where it gets matched to 99.9% when the parents are biological. 

How Can Be Examined?
DNA test can be performed by taking the sample of blood, hairs, any tissue of the body and even the nails. In a case when the test has to be performed with an unborn child, amniotic fluid is drawn that surrounds the fetus. Since every part of the body comprises exactly the same DNA any part can be used to perform the test.

With the advent of medical science and technology, today DNA test can be performed at the home as well. Different DNS testing kits are available these days with the help of which you can get the result sitting in the comfort of your home only. These kits come with swabs on which the sample is drawn. They tell the probability of the similarity between the two individuals.

Serve The Investigations Purpose
DNA test has been proved to be one of the most powerful tools for many forensic investigations. It has solved a large number of cases as the DNA test gives the most accurate result and endows the best evidence. Since the time it has been developed it has helped to solve numerous cases in just a few days. 
Ending Thoughts
DNA test was first used by Dr. Jeffreys in the year 1986 for criminal investigation. With the help of genetic fingerprinting two rapes and murder cases were solved in that year. Since then it gains a wide acceptance and helped to make a lot of things easy and simple especially for the forensic scientists and criminal investigators.  

DNA testing is also known as DNA tying is one of the most popular techniques in today’s date to get the answers to your qualms. No matter for what reason you are interested in performing the test, the procedure remains the same and the result could be obtained within a week.