Deep breathing is often emphasized on as a great relaxing technique. But did you know that it has far more benefits than that? Done properly, breathing deeply can improve countless aspects of your life. Here are 18 benefits that breathing deeply every once in a while will bring you.

1. Reduces Stress
If there is one thing doctors are keen to tell their patients, it is that they should avoid getting overly stressed. Stress can negatively impact your well- being in numerous ways. From weight gain to less productivity to even a lowered immunity, there is simply no advantage to being stressed out.

Research shows that breathing deeply releases Endorphins, which are also known as the body’s feel- good hormones. They can go a long way in combatting stress and relieving your body of all its negative effects.

2. Reduced Blood Pressure
An increase in blood pressure is often an indicator of poor health, and can actually prove to be fatal. To lower it, scientists suggest many things such as eating a healthy diet as well as breathing deeply. Inhaling deeply every now and then will certainly keep your blood pressure at the right levels.

3. Strengthen muscles
If you have watched a work- out tutorial or even listened to a fitness tutor, you know that they emphasize on holding your breath when carrying out some exercises. Want to have strong abdominal muscles? Breathe deeply. It has been shown to work.

4. Strengthens the Immune System
If you have a strong immune system, it means that diseases can’t attack you as often. Eating plenty of fruits that are high in fiber and exercising regularly has been shown to boost one’s immunity. Breathing deeply also helps the body fight diseases. Practice it in order to keep the ailments at bay.

5. Sleep Better
Have you been having trouble falling asleep lately? If you have, then breathing deeply can come in real handy in helping you sleep better. You should also make a point of sleeping on a good mattress as this will make it easier for you to get restful sleep.

6. Better Blood Flow
Deep breathing has also been associated with better blood flow. Combined with exercises such as working out on the rowing machine or playing baseball, you can rest assured that blood will flow in an unrestricted manner to all body organs.

7. Releases Toxins
Over time, the body accumulates a lot of toxins. If they are not released periodically, they can accumulate to dangerously high levels. One way to get rid of such toxins is by breathing deeply. Research shows that the body is made in such a way as to release 70% of toxins through breathing. If you are not breathing right, you are certainly storing more of those chemicals.

8. Reduces Anxiety
Chances are high that you are familiar with the breathing technique for calming anxious nerves. Nervous about speaking to a crowd? Inhale deeply several times. Anxious about a test? A few deep breaths are all you need to regain your composure.

9. Improves Digestion
Breathing deeply has also been shown to improve the process of digestion. If you feel constipated or bloated, taking a few deep breaths will do the trick.

10. Massages Internal Organs
Deep breathing also helps to massage organs such as the heart, stomach and small intestines.

11. Weight Control
When you breathe deeply, you provide your body with plenty of oxygen. If you are trying to lose weight, this is a good thing as the oxygen helps in burning fats which ultimately leads to weight loss.

12. Natural Painkiller
Studies also reveal that breathing deeply eases body pain. Much like reducing stress, this is happens due to the release of Endorphins which help you feel better.

13. Boosts Energy Levels
The high supply of oxygen also boosts many body processes, and this leads to the production of more energy.

14. Improves Posture
Breathing deeply has also been associated with better posture. This is great as it reduces the strain on your back thus preventing you from injuring it.

15. Strengthens Lungs
Besides strengthening abdominal muscles, deep breathing has also been shown to strengthen lungs and increase their capacity.

16. Improves Mood
If you are feeling grumpy or a bit cranky, try breathing deeply. Studies show that it does elevate mood, so you may be cheery before long.

17. Improves the Nervous System
Deep breathing makes it easy for nutrients to reach the nervous system. The better nourished parts of the nervous system are, the better it will carry out its functions.

18. Strengthens the Heart
Finally, deep breathing helps to strengthen and protect the heart. Because of the increased amount of oxygen inhaled, the heart doesn’t have to pump as hard to transport oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. Less strain means a stronger and healthier heart.

How to Breathe in Deeply
First, you need to inhale through your nose, and to fill up your lungs with oxygen while counting up to five. Then hold your breath while counting up to three. Now it is time to release your breath. Make sure you exhale just as deeply, emptying your lungs completely of air. You can do this a few times until satisfied.

Breathing deeply is such a simple solution to so many problems you may be experiencing. From easing anxiety to increasing blood flow to improving the quality of sleep, there is little you can’t achieve by inhaling deeply. Try it today in order to enjoy all the benefits that come with it.