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Original Uses of Modafinil
First, Modafinil has been discovered to facilitate alertness and locomotor activity in animal. The very first human tests for Modafinil were for narcolepsy - the sleep disorder. When the trials were performed, the majority of the double-blind placebo controlled trials were carried out by making use of Modafinil. It was discovered that this smart drug drastically minimizes the daytime and sleepiness when compared to placebo. The initial application is for narcolepsy, this smart drug has been used in boosting wakefulness in sleeping disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) syndrome and shifting work sleep disorder.

Extra Uses of Modafinil 
Ever since Modafinil has been invented in the 70s and was approved for use in sleep disorder, lots of extra uses have been detected and the drug has been changed in the perception of the public into the great brain pill. In various news, Modafinil is referred to as a wonder medication to heightened cognitive capabilities. In fact, the college students who want to soar higher in their studies have popularly been using Modafinil in order to make their demands in business and school manageable. Sincerely speaking, Modafinil has the possibility of becoming a fundamental enhancer in the nearest future.

There was a research that tested the cognitive enhancing features of Modafinil in the healthy volunteers. Based on random study of double-blind placebo-controlled between the subject’s study when compared to the results, the patients were tested on various aspects when given a medicine and when given this smart drug. It was detected that the performance on the tests visual concept recognition memory, digit span, stop-signal reaction, and spatial planning time was greatly promoted when the patients used Modafinil.

In addition, the researchers made a conclusion that these results indicate minimized impulsive responding that might make Modafinil helpful for the people that have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Without any doubt, Modafinil has been seen to drastically improve the scores on different tests and this includes the DSM IV ADHD.