If you happen to be passionate about health and it goes deeper than healthy eating, caring about your friend’s well-being and your interest in human anatomy, then you might consider pursuing a career in healthcare. The healthcare sector is one that plays a large role in ensuring people are healthy and able to live their best lives. 

You may be wondering what steps you need to take in order to pursue a career in health. As with most things of value, becoming a professional in the health sector won’t necessarily be the easiest accomplishment. It may, however, be one that’s worth the investment of money and time spent acquiring the necessary qualifications and work experience you need. In this article, you will find out what you can do to turn your interest in health into a career.

Pick a Niche
The healthcare system is one that has many components. Social work, healthcare administration, long-term care, health education, and public health are just a few areas that you could consider delving into. In 2013 alone, there were said to be more than 15.8 million jobs in hospitals, offices of health practitioners, nursing and residential care facilities, home healthcare services and outpatient, laboratory and other ambulance care services. Perhaps, try doing a little research into different career options within the health sector and write down the ones that jump at you.

If, for instance, you’re inspired by the thought of saving people from burning buildings and putting out fires, you could consider working for the ambulance. On the other hand, if helping people through giving them the medicine makes you feel a sense of accomplishment, becoming an adult nurse may be more up your alley. There is also the option of becoming a personal trainer if you’re a sports or fitness enthusiast. Other career options include becoming an occupational therapist, physician associate, mental health worker, or social worker. If you dig deep enough, you should be able to find an area to specialize in that fits your interests and satisfies your passion.

Pursue Higher Education
Once you’ve figured out what your area of interest is, you most likely will need to consider higher education. Between 2013 and 2014, 199,000 people were said to have obtained degrees in health professions and related programs which is a pretty high number. Depending on where you are currently at this stage in your life, you may be apprehensive about breaking into the healthcare industry because of the amount of time it will take or the cost implications. The good news is, you can find an institution such as TUW that offers on-ground and online campuses so that you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace; they also have a vast selection of Health and Human Services courses to choose from, such as a BA in Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Health Sciences-Health Education. 

Although you can find entry-level careers within the healthcare sector, more technical career paths will likely require a degree or qualification of some sort. Your interest and passion for health, however, should give you the determination and resilience you need to reach the finish line.

Gain Work Experience
Healthcare accounts for 9% of employment in the United States, so you’re more than likely going to need some work experience to help give you gain an edge in this industry. You can gain experience by volunteering or doing work placements while acquiring your degree. The area you’ve decided to specialize in will determine the nature and level of experience you need. An adult nurse, may, for example, need to spend time doing practical work as well as shadowing experienced and practicing nurses. Getting experience will also help you put the theory you’ve learned into perspective. This should help you determine whether it’s truly something you’re interested in doing.

Pursuing a career in health means dedicating your life to serving the public. This can be seen as a noble career choice and one you might find immense satisfaction in. Life, for many, is about doing the work they love with the time they’ve been given. On that note, if you love health, this may be an indication that it’s the line of work you should consider pursuing.