Sleeping averagely takes a third of our life, this is an important activity which affects our health as well as other daily activities. People with insomnia can not concentrate on their job, get the bad result in the study as well as meet troubles related to blood, heart diseases. There are a lot of elements affecting the quality of your sleep such as light, noise, temperate and even sleeping positions. 

In fact, sleeping positions have a close relationship with the quality of your sleep. If you get the wrong position, you not only meet difficulties in falling asleep but also get painful or numbness in the next day. So how many sleeping positions are there for you? And how to choose the best pillow for your sleeping position?

In reality, there are three common sleeping positions: back sleeping, side sleeping, and stomach sleeping position. To find the best pillow, this article will give you some note when you buy pillows for your own position.

1. Back sleeping position
Back sleepers are people who sleep on their back, face and stomach are upward. With this position, you will get a boon for neck and spine because your back is straight and not forced into any contortion. By this position, the mattress can be excellent its job of supporting your spine. This position is an ideal way for most of the people because it can protect our neck – the place which is easy to get hurt. If you are a back sleeper, you should note that do not use thick pillows because that pillow can make breathing more difficult. 

When using many pillows or a thick pillows, you can not get the best support for the small space beneath your neck, that leads to strain. The malleable pillow will allow you to mold a good bulge beneath your neck; they also help your neck and back muscle completely relax. 

The snoring situation of back sleep can be reduced if you choose the right pillow. The proper support and alignment of the airway and your neck can help to increase snoring.

2. Side sleep position
Side sleeping position means sleepers tend to curl up or lie straight on their side ( right or left). This is the favorite position of most of the people. With this position, the airway is opened, and the spine is unloaded. 
This is also a good position during pregnancy for women because it enhances circulation to the heart, which brings benefit both mother and baby. During this time, sleeping on the back creates pressure on the lower back, that can lead to fainting. Besides, side sleeper can avoid heartburn and acid reflux; this position can make people getting these conditions feel better and easy fall asleep faster.

An ideal pillow for this position is a higher loft variety because they can fill the space between your head and the mattress. When you sleep on your side, your pillow needs to have a thickness which keeps the spines strain, but it is not too thick to bend your neck out of alignment.

Many soft pillows can collapse when you sleep. Some people even try to make up for a pillow that is too soft. Therefore, when you go to bed, make sure that you find the best support from the pillow.

3. Stomach sleeping position
Not many people prefer this position because it has more draw backs then pros. The only advantage of this sleeping position is easing snoring. In this position, your head is rotated to one side. You can not be stuck in that way, but people with neck or thoracic outlet issues will get trouble in this position. 

The advice for this position is you need a thin pillow. You can use a pillow under the hips and lower abdomen that can give the bottom of the spine a boost.

In conclusion, these are some notes you for people who try to find the best pillow for their sleeping position. Although you are back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper, a right pillow can give you the best support and protect you from the pain, provide you the best sleep. A right pillow can take you to the great dreams. Are you ready to find the best pillow for yourself?